How To Get To Vera In Tower of Fantasy | TOF 2.0 Vera Update

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Are you here to know how to get to Vera in Tower of Fantasy? Yes, you can stay; I am writing this article just to answer you and help you in this quest. A 2.0 version of Tower of Fantasy was published, bringing with it additional features and bug fixes. The Tower of Fantasy now has a new map called “Vera Sector”.

Tower of Fantasy is one of the most well-liked games among the numerous new ones that were published this year. With interesting updates like new characters, interesting quest locations, and recipes. The game has drawn players in an addictive manner. Let’s talk about how to get to Vera in Tower of Fantasy here, from this new “Vera Sector” update.

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Players commonly visit the Tower of Fantasy realm because of its great art style, distinctive setting, and interesting quests. Here’s how to unlock and access the new region of Vera in Tower of Fantasy which was included in the most recent version update.

How To Get To Vera In Tower Of Fantasy | 5 Steps

5 Easy Steps On How to get to Vera in Tower of Fantasy | Explore New Vera Sector

After several weeks of suspense, the much-anticipated region of Vera was added to Tower of Fantasy 2.0. Players also gained access to new game adversaries, features, treasures, and weapons with the addition of the new zone. Let’s look into how to get to Vera in Tower of Fantasy easily.

5 easy steps to get Vera in Tower of Fantasy are –

  • Teleport to the Astra Omnium Tower.
  • Travel to Hykros, by selecting “Go to Hykros”.
  • Head northwest.
  • Speak with Claire.
  • Interact with the orange portal and select “Go into Vera Sector”.

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A cutscene will start playing when you’ve chosen to “Go into Vera Sector,” and you’ll then be awarded the “Go to Vera” accomplishment. Do keep in mind that you must finish the prior quest lines before visiting Vera. This was How to get to Vera in Tower of Fantasy.

5 Easy Steps On How to get to Vera in Tower of Fantasy | Explore New Vera Sector

To know How to get to Vera in Tower of Fantasy, you must travel to Hykros, head northwest, and speak with Claire in order to find Vera. After speaking with Claire, choose “Go inside Vera Sector” when interacting with the orange portal in front of you. 

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Wrapping Up

So, this was how to get to Vera in Tower of Fantasy. I hope I was clear enough. I think you all understood how to obtain Vera in Tower of Fantasy, it’s nothing complex just follow the 5 easy steps and you’ll get to Vera right away. In case of any further doubts, comments are always open.

Go to Vera now by keeping this guide aside and by following all my 5 steps one by one. You must visit Path of EX once if you want more of my articles on Tower of Fantasy. Till then, I’ll make sure to be back with yet another trending and interesting topic for your interest. Take care and enjoy the rest of The Vera sector.

Happy Gaming!


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