Get TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter in 12 Easy Steps

TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter

Christmas is around the corner. TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter is one of a kind to flaunt your Christmas preparations and upload a new video daily and gradually every hour to go with the trend. I will let you know how to get it if you have never used it. It is one of my favorite filters for the season. Let me walk you through the guide on how to get TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter this season.

Christmas is not just a day now. It has evolved over time. It is now a celebration that sprinkles its colors over the world 60 to 70 days ahead of the 25th day of December. Businesses kickstart promoting their stuff on TikTok and through holdings, banners, discounts, and more from December 1st. Homes and stores get lightened up, and decoration work gets accelerated as well.

So happens in the virtual community of TikTok. With new Christmas filters, Christmas captions, lenses, songs, and hashtags, the Christmas fever can be tasted and celebrated on TikTok in its own way. Today, I will let you know how to show your Christmas preparations to the world with this awesome TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter. Let’s get started.

How to Get TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter?

TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter displays days, hours, minutes, and seconds left to 12:00 AM of December 25th. You can use this filter to let followers and TikTok world track your preparations, changes in your neighborhood, DIY room makeover, fitness, and more. Here is how to get TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter on your videos today.

Step 1: Open your TikTok app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left.

TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter

Step 3: On the top Search bar, type “Christmas Countdown filter” or “Christmas Countdown effect”

Step 4: Tap Search next to the search bar.

Step 5: On the results page, tap Countdown to Christmas.

Step 6: Bookmark the filter by tapping “Add to Favorites.”

Step 7: Now go back to the FYP or any other page,

Step 8: Tap the + icon to create a video.

Step 9: Tap the Effects button on the left of the Lens icon.

Step 10: Tap on the bookmarks icon 2nd on the top of the effects window at the bottom of your screen.

Step 11: Tap the Countdown to Christmas filter and start shooting your video.

Step 12: After editing and everything required stuff, hit Publish.

That is how to get and use Tiktok Christmas Countdown Filter.

How to Get TikTok Christmas Countdown Filter?

Wrapping Up

Tiktok Christmas Countdown Filter is one of the best filters to demonstrate your Christmas preparations, recipes, and much more on a daily basis. I hope you will find this article helpful and productive for your TikTok growth. For more TikTok guides, fixes, tips and tricks and more, keep visiting and surfing Path of EX.

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