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How to Get The the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2?

Every RPG worth its salt boasts mysterious and enigmatic weapons. One such coveted weapon is the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2. However, getting this item might be a challenge, especially because its main ingredient can be easily misplaced.

The best weapons in Remnant 2 and even the top shooter: the Tommy Gun, fall short of this masterpiece. No wonder everyone wants to know how to get it.

But worry not! I am here to guide you through the process to get the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2 and reveal the potential it holds in shaping your character builds.

How to Get the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2 | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get The the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2 | Step-by-Step Guide

The journey to procure the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2 is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is bring one of the three Assassin Daggers to Nimue and request her to craft the ultimate weapon. It may seem a tad confusing since the crafting ingredient shares a similar name with the weapon itself. However, be aware that the Assassin Dagger is a quest item, not intended for use as a weapon.

Steps to Get the Assassin’s Danger in Remnant 2:

Step 1. The Council Chamber: Unmasking the Betrayer

To get the Assassin Dagger in Remnant 2, go into the Council Chamber, located in the heart of Losomn. Once there, you will be thrust into an intriguing event. The council, consisting of three members, hides a traitor who has betrayed the One True King. Your mission is to uncover the betrayer’s identity, and go on further to know how you can do it:

Step 2: Explore the Magic Mirror Portal

Delve deep into the chamber until you stumble upon a grand magic mirror, which acts as a portal to a parallel world.

Step 3: Solve the Emblem Puzzle

Within the mirror world, you must decipher a puzzle featuring the council’s emblems. Collect all three emblems and position them correctly. Observe the real-world seats reflected below the mirror world’s counterparts to identify which emblem belongs to each council member.

Step 4: Confront the One True King

Having completed the puzzle, gain access to the room containing the One True King. Leap to the area behind the throne and acquire the Assassin’s Seal. From there, jump to the back of the throne and claim the Assassin Dagger, firmly lodged into the One True King. The dagger will bear the emblem of the treacherous council member.

Step 5: The Unique Crafting Ingredient

As mentioned earlier, the primary crafting ingredient of the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2 is the evidence you find during your quest to expose the traitor. To obtain the weapon, you must then deliver this damning evidence to Nimue. Once the task is completed, the fate of the council is in your hands.

What is the Importance of Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2?

So, what sets the Assassin’s Dagger apart, and why should you add it to your arsenal in Remnant 2?

This extraordinary weapon is capable of inflicting bleeding on your foes with charged attacks. Additionally, it deals devastating bonus damage when attacking enemies from behind or while they suffer from the bleeding debuff.

Wrapping Up

The Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2 is an invaluable addition to any adventurer’s gaming journey. Embrace its potential and transform yourself into a formidable stealthy assassin. We wholeheartedly recommend crafting this artifact to enhance your gameplay experience. For more exciting content, consider exploring our Remnant 2 Walkthrough guide.

Happy Gaming!

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