How to Get Spotify Receipt Based on Your Favorite Songs?

How to Get Spotify Receipt Based on Your Favorite Songs

Everyone is a melomaniac and loves to listen to the music of their own choice. Music lovers want to get into their music pattern and style either from Spotify Wrapped or Spotify Blend. However, they have an all-new feature to get thrilled for. Let’s look at how to get Spotify receipt based on our favorite songs.

From Drake to Ariana Grande to a bit of soft and classic music, users will be able to get personalized receipts to their music taste in a surprising way. This is the month of the year when Instagram feeds, and stories are filled with music receipts.

In this article, I will show you how to get an out-of-ordinary receipt of all your favorite music songs. It does not matter whether you listen to the songs on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other app.

How to Get Spotify Receipt?

How to Get Spotify Receipt Based on Your Favorite Songs

Firstly let us understand the Receiptify Spotify. It is simply a website and application created by Michelle Lui. The website or app idea was taken from the Instagram account @albumreceipts. The famous playlists are set in a receipt format in this particular format. This app is hosted by the Heroku app. It scans your entire playlist with the most played songs or downloaded songs and creates a personalized playlist from top to bottom.

You can also make even more customized versions of all our favorite songs whether you listen from the apps like Spotify or Apple Music, or any other music app. When you download the Receiptify app, you can share your receipts with your friends to compare the song’s receipt.

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How to Use the Receiptify App?

How to Get Spotify Receipt Based on Your Favorite Songs

You can easily visit Receiptify to access the application. You will be asked to log in to your streaming account when you reach the app’s main interface. Now you have to log in to let the app scan your listened or downloaded songs history.

The moment you log in, the app will perform the background task and initiate a surprising list of your top 10 most played songs. The receipt comprises more specific details about the playlist. It also includes the duration time of the top 10 songs you most listened to. The duration or length of the song is represented by the amount you bought, along with the song’s name and artist beneath the description.

Moreover, you also get personalized details like your own name and the date you created the receipt. Music lovers are storming Instagram and other social media platforms to share their music Spotify Receipts with others.

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How to Share Spotify Receipts on Social Media?

Now, it will be easy for you to share the Spotify receipt to the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as you share the normal image with others on social media.

How to Get Spotify Receipt?

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Wrapping Up

The new feature would be quite exciting for the users to catch on to. Everybody seems to love this as they will learn about every detail of their listened songs in the face of Spotify Receipt. Comment below if you are one of the music lovers excited about this new and enthralling feature in the Spotify app, and share your thoughts if you like the article on how to get Spotify Receipt.

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