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How to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox 2022

The shadow dragon in Adopt me is a seasonal and exclusive pet that players can only get during Halloween. And like any other seasonal and limited product, fans are in a hurry to get the shadow dragon. Let’s know more about how to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me.

Adopt Me has gameplay that revolves around adopting and raising cute pets. The main activity besides that is trading the pets. Many of these animals are common, like dogs, cats, and pigs. This goes all the way to more exotic animals, such as dragons. 

Shadow Dragons are one of these. A recent change in the method of getting it has left many players confused. If you’re wondering how to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me in 2023, this guide can help.

Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me | 2023

how to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me 2022

Shadow Dragons are rare pets that have a gaunt and skeletal appearance. They’re black in color, and their most prominent features are their horns, glowing eyes, wide wings, and visible ribs poking out. It also has a glowing tongue which you can only see at night.

What tricks the shadow dragon can do?

Here are some tricks a Shadow dragon in Roblox Adopt Me can do along with their stage:

Junior Lay Down
Post-Teen Dive
Full GrownShadow Breath

How to Get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me | Get a Dragon Pet

how to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me 2022

Adopt Me first introduced the pet Shadow Dragon during the Halloween event in 2019. And initially, the method for obtaining it involved purchasing it for 1,000 Robux. Currently, the only way you can get it is by trading. But I always have more, so let’s see how to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me. 

Here are a few ways to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me-

1. Get Shadow Dragon Through Trading

Trading is a major component of the game, and almost everyone engages in it. By joining the trading game, you can put all your Robux to good use and get a Shadow Dragon.

Many players out there purchase multiple Shadow Dragons for 1000 Robux each with the intention of trading it. You can’t just give someone your Robux for an item because that goes against the game’s policy. You can also use those Robux to barter Shadow Dragons from other players using items you purchased with those Robux.

Both parties get what they want, making it a great way to find that rare & mysterious pet.

Note: You should always be very careful when trading anything in any Roblox game. Don’t trade with anyone you know or aren’t friends with. Otherwise, you can get ripped off easily.

2. Get Shadow Dragon Through Giveaways

If you follow the big Roblox channels on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms, you can get a chance to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox. 

Many of these players have numerous Shadow Dragons in their inventory, as they could afford to buy a lot when the event was held. You can keep an eye on these creators and watch out for when they have big giveaways.

With the Shadow Dragon being so rare, it is often the item being given away in these events. If you want it, then enter yourself into the giveaway for a chance to win it! In some cases, they will even give them to a random person in their chat while they’re streaming. But make sure to do this only with verified creators and streamers. 

3. Get Shadow Dragon Through Codes

You can exploit Roblox Adopt Me codes to carry out various actions, primarily to help you earn a lot of Robux in the game. 

In some cases, though, a pet could appear with a code, including the Shadow Dragon. You just need to keep an eye out for any codes out there that you can enter. 

Make sure you check in with the community and the internet to see what codes are floating around for you to use. The odds are that you will just walk away with a bigger wallet, so there is no real downside to it. It’s still a good deal, even with the disappointment of not being able to get a Shadow Dragon.

Wrapping Up

So, this is how to get the Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me as of January 2023. I’ll keep updating you as soon as I find more to share. Till then, comment below to let us at Path of EX know what worked best for you.

Happy Gaming!

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