How To Get Huge Pets In Pet Simulator 99 | 6 Effective Ways

How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99

Are you even looking forward to getting huge pets in Pet Simulator 99? Well, Huge pet is a powerful category larger than the basic ones. They are rare and serve an extreme value in the game. Players can acquire them by using real money, exclusive eggs, and even by hatching regular eggs. Here, I will reveal some of the fruitful methods to get huge pets in Pet Simulator 99. Let’s go!

Pet Simulator 99 is one of the intriguing editions of the Pet Simulator series that involves many mini-puzzles and challenges along the way. Its Christmas update 2023 brings all the festive vibes together. You can also add huge pets to your session. These Huge Pets are observed to be stronger than the regular pets. 

They have their special variant that involves Evolved Huge Pets, which deal the same damage as the normal ones. Talking about other ones, Golden Huge Pets deal 1.2 extra damage, Rainbow Huge Pets deal 1.6 times extra damage, and Shiny Huge Pets deal 1.7 times more damage than the normal Huge Pets. Below are the effective ways to get Huge pets in Pet Simulator 99. Step on!

How Can You Acquire Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99?

How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99

Huge Pets play a vital role in Pet Sim 99. Further are some of the effective methods to add these huge pets into your game. That involves playing some mini-games, trading pets with players, and even visiting the trade plaza. Have a look below and see which one comes out as a handy method for you. 

Method 1: Redeem a Code

The very first way to add Huge Pets in Pet Sim 99 is by redeeming a promo code. You can get these codes via the official Pet Simulator toys and merchandise. Explore the game, grab these codes, and redeem them to acquire huge pets in your gameplay. 

Method 2: Transfer Pets with Pet Simulator X

If it’s been a long time since you have been playing Pet Simulator X, you can transfer Huge Pets from there to Pet Simulator. However, it is only allowed till June 2024, so make sure you do so before it expires. Further is how you can do so. Have a look-

Steps to Transfer Pets with Pet Simulator X:

  1. Open Pet Simulator X > locate the new box stand at the main spawn. 
  2. Interact with these boxes > click on the Huges tab.
  3. Choose the Huge Pets you want to transfer. 
  4. Confirm your decision > head back to the Pet Simulator 99.
  5. From there, pick up your pets, and you are done. 

Method 3: Hatch a Huge Pet

How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99

Another way to get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99 is by hatching huge pets. Once you complete the second rebirth, you can get huge pets while hatching eggs. Although, the chances are very low, around one in a million. But once you get your luck, it is all worth it. Also, do consider the sign above the hatching area for better odds sometimes. 

Method 4: Play Mini Games

While exploring the Pet Simulator 99, you will encounter many mini-games like Fishing or mining. After you spend enough time here, you will win a Huge Pet at the entrance. Adding more, if you move along the secret passage behind the maps in Area 22, you must climb the stairs to earn a gold Huge Pet as well.

However, it is said that it is extremely difficult to spend enough time in these mini-games and climbing the stairs because, till now, no brave soul has managed to crack this nut. 

Method 5: Trade with Other Players

As we move along with the methods to get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99, you can also rely on trading rare pets for Huge Pets with another player. However, in this case, you must have something rare and valuable to offer in order to add huge pets to your collection. It’s like exchanging unique pets with huge pets. 

Method 6: Visit the Trade Plaza

How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99

The next popular way to add Huge pets in Pet Sim 99 is by heading to the trade plaza. After your first rebirth, pick the castle key and unlock the castle. Once you enter the castle, you will spot the Trade Plaza. Here, you can sell the pets in exchange for some valuable item, say diamonds. They can be earned by accomplishing some challenges or purchasing Robux.

You will also find the Huge-a-Tron in a castle, where you can exchange exclusive pets purchased with Robux for huge eggs. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to get huge pets in Pet Sim 99. Follow the methods mentioned above and see which one sounds effective for you. For me, playing mini-games works fine because that really sets me in motion. Let me know your personal favorite in the comment section below. Path of EX promises to be your side through all the thicks and thins. So let me know if you have any questions, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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