How To Get Home Loans With Bad Credit | 6 Home Loan Lenders

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Many people dream about having a Home at some point in life to increase the value of their net worth and stop having to write cheques month a month to landlords. However, the problem is that many people out there think that they don’t qualify for a Home Loan because they have Bad Credit. Well, you can still learn how to get home loans with bad credit and have your own space.

Before applying for a home loan with bad credit, one should do what to run a credit report. By doing so, you will know what rate of interest you are eligible to get home loans with bad credit and what steps to take to improve it further. 

I will take you through all the steps to show you that even with a terrible credit history or report, one can easily apply for a home loan because several lenders in the market offer home loans with bad credit. You need to shop carefully and accordingly for that.

How to Get Home Loans With Bad Credit in 2022?

Home Loans mortgages financing that you need when you are buying a home, and if you have Bad Credit, it can make the process a little more daunting. 

People will tell you that you can’t get approved with bad credit in many cases. Well, that is not exactly true. It depends on what we mean by bad credit.

Sometimes, when we talk about bad Credit, we could be talking about your delayed pay, or you have a lot of credit card debt, which is close to the limits. Even though you are making your payments, you may have bad credit just because of your credit utilization and how you may have paid people.

Even if you pay them on time, you may be maxed out and have a low credit score and bad credit score for that reason. 

Some people have bad credit because they didn’t pay people; maybe something happened, and you didn’t pay that car loan, or you got that apartment, and you got evicted from it or got behind you on those credit card payments now they are not.

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How to Apply for a Home Loan with Bad Credit?

How To Get Home Loans With Bad Credit | 6 Home Loan Lenders

1. Look at your Credit

See what is up there before you even start applying for a Home Loan and know which looks better for you regarding lenders’ loan terms and rates.

2. Qualification Review

During the Home Loan Process, your lender, your mortgage company, your broker, they’re going to do what is called a Qualification Review.

They’re going to pull your credit; have them pull your credit. You’re going to make an application with the mortgage company, where you tell them pretty much everything about yourself, like, your name, your Social Security Number, your date of birth, where you worked for the last two years.

Moreover, you’re going to tell them what kind of bank accounts do you have, and then you’re going to list out all of your liabilities that aren’t listed on your credit report.

This is called a Mortgage application, and by this, all your lenders will know whether you will pay them or not.

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3. Find a Mortgage Lender

A Mortgage lender or a broker is a company that is attached, and they have a relationship with lots of different lenders, and they can shop your loan around to see who will approve it at the terms and rates.

You pay them a fee and then find those mortgage companies for you again if you have bad credit. 

Top 6 Home Loan Lenders with Bad Credit of 2022

There are many home loan lenders that help you get the money for having your own home. Checking this list is the first step in learning how to get home loans with bad credit.

1. New American Funding

New American Funding

New American Funding provides broad loan options that assess applicants based on physical underwriting. Moreover, one can get the direction for down payment conditions, around 3%.

One can apply online for the quick approval process and get approved within a few hours, and it is available in 32 states only.

The minimum approval requirement at New American Funding is 620. Other conditions can affect the borrower’s qualification, such as employment history, the value of total assets held, and property type.

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2. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is rated as one of the finest traditional banks for many reasons: Impending relationship discounts, Flexible understanding with the lender, and Reasonable rates.

An applicant gets the approval online once filling out an application correctly within a few hours. The services are available in all 50 states and have multiple mortgage types.

Borrowers need to have a minimum 620 credit score at Wells Fargo to be eligible for a Home Loan with a downpayment of not less than 3%.

In addition to this, those loans which the government backs may have lesser credit scores and downpayment requirements. Wells Fargo is one of the best home loan lenders with bad credit.

3. SoFi


SoFi is considered best for its less complex application process. It offers a special member discount of up to $500 also.

SoFi provides its services in most states, including Washington, D.C. It is best known for property investments and offers member discounts.

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To qualify for a home loan with bad credit at SoFi, one needs to have a minimum of 620 credit score with a 5% downpayment. The application process is online, and one needs to fill out all the information online.

4. Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal is specifically to assist personnel of the army. Navy Federal provides special rates for Veterans Programs and quick qualifying mechanisms.

Navy Federal’s best quality is its ability to accept applicants at a lower rate. It provides a guarantee that matches the rates. However, one needs to have a membership of Navy Federal to get the benefit of its services.

Borrowers with the membership of Navy Federal can get loans at interest rates of around 2.4%. Once filling out the process online, a loan officer will come to the member’s house to take it further in a week.

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5. Better


Better can help you apply for a home loan with bad credit. The application process at is entirely online and provides reasonable rates for 15-year mortgages. It provides a rate matching option with other lenders within no time and loan assessment in 3 minutes.

By doing so, homebuyers make a quick decision and benefit from the pre-approval process to grab offers on a home.

In addition to this, another process to follow online is very simple, and you will be prompt to provide some extra information and documentation for underwriting reasons.

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One needs to have a minimum of 620 credit score to qualify for a Home Loan with Bad Credit with a down payment of not less than 3%. is available in 46 states, including Washington, D.C, and has huge demand among lenders because of its competitive rates. The rates at average at around 2.4%, even if your score is low.

6. CitiMortgage


CitiMortgage provides some of the lesser rate Home Loans for around 30 years. A home loan with a low credit score is also available from the HomeRun mortgage lender. 

Citibank customers are also eligible for relationship pricing, giving them even more savings on their interest rate. The program requires a minimum down payment of only 3% or 5% for two-unit homes. 

That is not all: There is no mortgage insurance requirement, rates comparable to low conventional loans, and less stringent credit standards. It will depend on the mortgage you take out on the credit score and income requirements. 

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Conventional loans typically need a credit score of 620 minimum, while FHA and CitiMortgage’s HomeRun mortgage may have a lower credit score requirement.

Wrapping Up

One should not get disheartened or feel embarrassing about having a Bad Credit score. It does not mean that you can’t have the opportunity of getting your dream home. 

However, you may have to look around for more options and quotations and provide a little more information.

Loans backed by the government will qualify you for a Home Loan with even a 500 credit score, such as FHA loans.

One should not get tempted to buy a home without research and proper knowledge. It is good to examine all the available options such as interest rates, terms and conditions of loans, and then shop.

That was all about this article on “How To Get Home Loans With Bad Credit | 6 Home Loan Lenders”. Comment below your queries now!


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