How to Get Hero Points (Updated 2022) | Hero Points In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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Good Morning Wonderlanders! Or I should say Good Evening. Though I started this article in the morning, I soon got distracted with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and well, the last I checked, it was Evening. I think You could relate. Collecting all the accessories and Hero points makes us forget time easily. Well, to help you save your time, here are my notes on Hero points and, most importantly How to get Hero points in Tiny tina’s Wonderlands?

Tiny Tina Wonderlands is one of the most exciting and fascinating games I have ever played. All the intriguing quests like Little Boy Blue, A small favor, and many others keep us entertained for hours. Not only this, but all the stats and Hero points keep on tempting us for an upgrade. And well, sometimes I give in. Okk… All the time! But can you blame me? It is so amazing. 

So, what about you? How many Hero points have you gained? Not much! No worries, Path of EX is here to make your life easier. So let’s learn what exactly Hero points are and how you can use and get Hero points in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

What are Hero Points or Hero Stats?

Hero Points are the rewards or the skill points that you collect throughout your journey in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. These Hero points are the only source for leveling up your character and upgrading your basic Hero stats attributes. 

How to Get Hero Points (Updated 2022)|Hero Points In Tiny Tina's Wonderland

While skills and abilities are specific to Wonderland’s characters, hero points are the points that can be used to level up any character you wish to upgrade. By boosting your basic abilities, your efficiency increases, and your Hero stats improve. So, having maximum Hero points help you upgrade faster and become the ultimate warrior in a short period of time. 

Hero Points in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands account for 6 different attributes. These attributes are responsible for shaping your character as per your idea. 

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Hero Points Attributes

There are 6 different Attributes given in the game Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands that can be used to complete sidequests like A small favor, Cash 4 Teeth and others-


Strength attribute determines your Critical Hit Damage

  • +1.25% Critical Hit Damage per Hero Point
  • Max 30 Hero Points
  • Max 37.5% Critical Hit Damage
  • Best for: Clawbringer, Brr-Zerker, Stabbomancer
How to Get Hero Points In Tiny Tina's Wonderland


Dexterity attribute determines your Critical Hit Chance/ Attacks.

  • +2% Critical Hit Chance per Hero Point.
  • Max 28 Points.
  • Max +56% Critical Hit Chance
  • Best for: Stabbomancer, Spellshot, Spore Warden


Intelligence attribute determines your Spell Cooldown Rate. It influences the frequency rate of the spells.

  • +1% Spell Cooldown per Hero Point.
  • Max 32 Hero Points
  • Max +32 Spell Cooldown
  • Best for: Spellshot, Graveborn

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Wisdom attribute determines the Status Effect Damage of your attacks.

  • +2% Status Effect Damage per Hero Points.
  • Max 30 Points
  • Max +60% Status Effect Damage
  • Best for: Stabbomancer, Graveborn
How to Get Hero Points In Tiny Tina's Wonderland


Constitution attribute determines your Maximum Health/Ward levels.

  • +2.5% Maximum Health/Ward per Hero Point.
  • Max 28 Points
  • Max +70% Maximum Health/Ward
  • Best for: Brr-Zerker, Clawbringer, Graveborn


Constitution attribute determines your Action Skill Cooldown Rate.

  • +1% Action Skill Cooldown Rate per Hero Point.
  • Max 35 Points
  • Max +35% Action Skill Cooldown Rate
  • Best for: Spore Warden, Brr-Zerker

As all of these attributes are dependent on Hero Points, we could use our hero points to level up the attributes and finally upgrade our Character. With upgraded character, you can easily reign supreme over KASTOR, the normal-sized skeleton.

How to Get Hero Points in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Each time you level up in the game, you earn a Hero Point. Therefore, after crossing every game level, you will get access to a Hero point. You can either use or save this Hero point for future use. Also, when you reach Level 20- You will get an extra bonus Hero Point.

How to Get Hero Points In Tiny Tina's Wonderland

Remember, the only way by which you can gain and acquire Hero Points is by leveling up in the game. These collected Hero points can be used to upgrade the above-mentioned Attributes and shape the character as per your desire. 

The maximum level to which the game can be upgraded is Level 40. Till these, you will keep on getting Hero points that could be used as per your wish. You will not receive any Hero point beyond Level 40.

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How To Use Hero Points in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

To use your Hero points in the game, follow the steps-

  1. Go to the Skills Page.
  2. Click and open the Hero Stats Page 
  3. Select the Attribute you want to upgrade.
  4. Upgrade it in exchange for Hero Points.

P.s- Remember that every Hero Point accounts for a single upgrade point. 

How to Get Hero Points In Tiny Tina's Wonderland

How To Boost Hero Stats Beyond Hero Points?

The alternate way to upgrade your Hero Stats without using Hero Points is by completing the Quest challenges of the game like Working Blueprint, Little Boy Blue, and Forgery. Doing these will give a boost to your abilities and improve your Hero Stats automatically. 

Another possible way to upgrade your character is through Myth Rank. It unlocks many possibilities to build your character and sell items.

Wrapping Up

This is all the information you need to know about Hero Points. Having maximum Hero Points helps you upgrade all your character attributes and make him the Ultra warrior of Wonderlands.

I hope all your doubts regarding Hero points and how to get Hero Points are resolved. Stay Connected for further insights.

Auf Wiedersehen..!!


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