How To Get Healthy Nails This Fall | Follow Better Lifestyle Practices

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The winters are coming and you surely don’t want chipped nails, do you? It hurts the most not because it actually pains, it hurts because you spent a good amount of money for them and all you have now is a cracked nail. Ahh! The feeling is frustrating as hell! What if I tell you that your basic lifestyle habits can help you get healthy nails this fall? Read along to know all about it. 

In this article, we have talked about better eating choices and practices you can follow to make your nails stay for a longer period. If you want to know more in detail, then you can visit the SNS Blog. They regularly post great content on nails and you’ll learn a lot from their blogs. 

Best Ways To Get Healthy Nails | Prevent Your Nails From Breaking

How To Get Healthy Nails This Fall | Follow Better Lifestyle Practices

All the points listed below will help you prevent the breaking of your nails. This Halloween season, you don’t need to buy anything special to take care of your beautiful nails. Rather than putting expensive products on your nail bed, try these practices instead and see the results in a few days. I am sure you’ll be surprised to see how they magically work! 

Diet | Think Before You Eat

The first thing to take into consideration for getting healthier nails is your diet. Most of us think that food only matters for gaining or losing weight. However, the right food can highly impact your nails and hair too (for that matter). For getting strong nails, you need to take a completely balanced diet. A diet that is full of vitamins and minerals will make your nails super strong even if you don’t moisturize them often.

The food that you intake has more impact on your nails than the products you use on them. It’s very important to include Biotin in your diet. It’s a B vitamin. You can easily include B Vitamin in your diet from sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach, salmon, seeds, and nuts. You can also include multivitamins in your diet after consulting your doctor. 

Moisturizing Is The Key

One of the easiest ways to get healthy nails is to moisturize your hands frequently. Why? If your nails are all dry and stubborn they can easily break. Hence, causing a lot of pain (both physical and mental). However, if you keep on applying moisturizer on your hands and nails after every 3 hours, they are not as likely to break. 

How To Get Healthy Nails This Fall | Follow Better Lifestyle Practices

The frequent use of hand sanitizers also makes your beautiful manicured nails very dry. Even if you cannot make time to moisturize your hands while you are working or busy in your daily life, you can still make it a habit to apply the cream before sleeping. Note down people, healthier nails are flexible and not hard. To make your nails softer, you have to apply moisturizer. 

Stay Away From Hot Water 

I mean it from the core of my heart! We just covered how dry nails are more vulnerable to breakage. Doing dishes, taking hot water baths or anything that requires you to put your hands in hot water can be lethal to your nails. Firstly, hot water weakens your nails making them more prone to breaking, and secondly, hot water makes your nails and hands really dry. 

What do we suggest? Even if you have to do dishes or do work that requires you to put your hands in hot water, make sure you moisturize your hands at specific intervals of time. Otherwise, we all know how it ends. Tearing our nails! 

Use High-Quality Nail Products | Strengthen The Base Coat

I am sure all of you have heard how dangerous nail products can be on your cuticles. Low-quality nail polishes contain substances like Toluene which is simply toxic and can be cancerous. You don’t want to expose your nails to toxins, ever! So keep a watch on what you are applying to your nails. 

How To Get Healthy Nails This Fall | Follow Better Lifestyle Practices

Moreover, even if you don’t have high-quality nail paints, make you at least have a high-quality base coat. So that the toxins do not come in contact with your nails. You can find high-quality nail polishers online on sites like Cote. Choose better dip powders and sealers to protect your nails before you apply nail polish. 

Don’t Pick Your Nails, Ever! 

I know, I know it is very tempting to pick up a cracked nail, but please don’t! It will not only cause you pain but it will also damage your nail bed. You have to resist every urge to pick out a broken or cracked nail. 

If your nail is seriously cracked, then instead of thinking you are a pro, visit your salon and let the actual pros do their tricks. Or even if you have to remove your nails at home, make sure you do it by the correct procedure. Damaged nail beds take time to heal and you surely don’t want to feel pain every time you touch your nails.  

Try To Keep Your Nails Short

Short nails are not for everyone but if you keep breaking your long nails then maybe it is time you do a short nail manicure. It’s a great practice to prevent your nails from breaking. If your nails aren’t long, you can do many things that you were unable to do with your long nails. You can pick up items, type on a keyboard, write and even play an instrument. You can never imagine doing these things with your long nails. 

Wrapping Up

If you think about it, you’ll realize it isn’t actually that tough to maintain healthy nails. Having damaged nails actually suck, you cannot do anything to make them presentable cause they hurt and it will take some time for them to heal. If you follow these practices, eat healthily, moisturize your hands-on time and stay away from hot water, you’ll see a drastic change in your nails. 

Sometimes fall can be really on your nails, but not anymore. Quickly change your lifestyle habits and learn how to take care of your nails. 


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