How To Get Game Pigeon on Android? Here Are The Steps

How To Get Game Pigeon on Android? Here Are The Steps

There was a time when we used to play board games with our cousins, siblings, and friends. As time has passed, board games have acquired the space from our toy rooms to our operating systems. Leave the kids; there are so many fun games we get on the platforms like Game Pigeon, where we can play multiplayer games with our friends and cousins, but on our phones. Now, as the game Pigeon is an iPhone stuff, do you know how to get Game Pigeon on Android?

Playing games is not that bad, as a few parents believe, especially if they are playing. Well, some games are good for brain development as well. We learn a lot through such games, and the games available on Game Pigeon are fairly good and entertaining. Great stress busters, must say!

This, I figured out during the quarantine period, when we all were locked down and confined to the walls of our house. One of the ways to get connected with our family and friends was through games. My cousin told me about Game Pigeon, but being an Android user, I did now know how to download Game Pigeon on Android.

How To Get Game Pigeon on Android?

How To Get Game Pigeon on Android? Here Are The Steps

People who switch over to Android from iPhone generally love the experience and change but miss the games on Game Pigeon. So, to know how to get a game pigeon on Android with a small procedure, as both Android and iOS are different platforms altogether.

Here are the steps to learn how to get Game Pigeon on Android.

1. Create an iMessage account on Mac for a contact/ user.

How To Get Game Pigeon on Android? Here Are The Steps

2. Download and connect the account to an APK on your device.

3. You need both an Android phone and a Mac computer to accomplish this task.

4. Use Java Development Kit 9 to further the process.

5. Now, go to the browser and click on Run to download the macOS file. The user has to permit the Settings to run macros files and give permission to the terminal command for running.

6. In this step, run the command and enter your e-mail id. Remember to use the same ID used for Mac OS. Then, enter the credentials.

How To Get Game Pigeon on Android? Here Are The Steps

7. Now, connect Android with macOS and check for application download message. Enter the IP address of macOS to log into the server with ID and password.

8. Now, your screen and the devices are connected. To test, enter from the iOS device to the Android device. This process can take up to 180 seconds.

That’s it! It was that easy to learn how to get game pigeon on Android.

What Games Are There on Game Pigeon?

How To Get Game Pigeon on Android? Here Are The Steps

Game Pigeon has an extensive library of games for people of all ages. You can select a game and invite an opponent to play the game. The games include Crazy 8, Word Bytes, Filler, 9-Ball, Word Hunt, Dots and Boxes, 20 Questions, Gomuku, Mancala, Tanks, Anagrams, Four in a row, and so on.

A Word of Caution!

How To Get Game Pigeon on Android? Here Are The Steps

If you are making all the arrangements to download game pigeons on Android for your kids, remember that the games on these apps are interactive and good, but there are in-app purchases also. So, if you have a wallet on your Mac or Android, set restrictions and time limits so that the kids do not end up making a blunder.

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Wrapping Up

Game Pigeon is an iOS-enabled gaming app preferred by iPhone users. People love this app, and if they switch over from iPhone to Android, they only have one question; how to get a game pigeon on Android? The most popular games on Game Pigeon are 8 ball, Darts, and Sea Battle. Nevertheless, there are many alternatives like Game Pigeon on Android, and you can download them if you think it is a task to connect Android with IOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Game Pigeon?

Game Pigeon is a gaming app available on iOS, preferred by many people.

Can I get Game Pigeon on Android?

Yes, you need to connect your Android to your Mac device.

Are there any alternatives for Game Pigeon on Android?

Yes, there are various alternatives on the Android play store that have equally interactive games.

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