How To Get Eggs In Minecraft | Steps To Get Eggs & Its Uses

Eggs In Minecraft

The July 2010 release of Alpha version 1.0.14 of Minecraft released the addition of eggs in the gameplay. Players can now get eggs in Minecraft the same way they get them in real life. Through this article, let’s learn about how to get eggs in Minecraft. Just wait around one chicken long enough, and an egg will ultimately hatch. Head on for more!

In Minecraft, eggs can be used for both creating and Tossing. Cake and pumpkin pie, each of which is delectable, can be made using the same. Like tossing a snowball at a throng, tossing an egg toward them will cause knockback but no harm. If you like, you can even shoot eggs from launchers.

Scroll down and learn how to get eggs in Minecraft with step-by-step instructions. So keep reading and grab the eggs in Minecraft easily.

How To Get Eggs In Minecraft?

Eggs can be obtained easily in Minecraft by reaching out from hens and adding them to your inventory. Players can create interesting recipes like Cakes and pumpkin pies using them. You just have to wait around one chicken long enough, and an egg will ultimately hatch. So let’s look at how a chicken produces an egg.

Eggs In Minecraft

Steps to Get Eggs In Minecraft

  1. Look for a chicken
  2. Attend a chicken egg-laying: Inside the game, a chicken normally lays an egg every five to ten minutes. The chicken will stop moving if you stop the game, and no egg will arrive. 
  3. Continue to play the game for five to ten minutes before the bird lays the egg.
  4. Further, the egg will vanish after a while. Hence, make sure to grab it straight away. 
  5. The egg will appear in your hotbar as soon as you grab it.

And there you have it! Your eggs are in your inventory!

What Are The Uses Of Eggs In Minecraft?

Eggs In Minecraft

Eggs in Minecraft can be used for different things in the game once they are made in your inventory. Now that you have your eggs in Minecraft, let’s check out the uses of eggs in Minecraft.

  • In Minecraft, chickens can be produced using the players’ eggs. One of every eight times an egg is thrown, a chicken oughts to hatch. Redstone clock-equipped dispensers let users automatically deliver eggs.
  • Minecraft eggs can throw enemies back, which is unknown to some gamers. Although it does not cause much damage, players can force foes back. Thrown eggs become weapons like arrows, but they are harmless.
  • Making pumpkin pies and cakes is among the primary uses of eggs in Minecraft. Users can create a cake with three wheat, three buckets of milk, two sugar, and an egg. However, only three ingredients are needed to make a pumpkin pie. Both of these items can be used by users to restore hunger points.

Wrapping Up

So this is everything about how to get eggs in Minecraft. In this article, I have listed down steps to get egg in Minecraft and the uses of eggs in the game. I hope this article was helpful. Check out Path of EX for more Minecraft and gaming-related articles.

Happy Gaming!

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