How to Get Contour Watch Face | 4 Easy Steps To Get a Gorgeous Apple Watch Face

how to get contour watch face

Apple released the new and beautiful contour watch face this year. It has been released exclusively for the Apple Watch Series 7. If you were wondering how to get contour watch face on an older Apple Watch, you are in the right place! While you won’t get the contour watch face directly, you can get it through third-party apps. In this article, I will also tell you how to get contour watch face on an older Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is a whole world on your wrist. Your Apple Watch is your travel partner and so much more. The best part about owning an Apple Watch is that it lets you perform all these functions in style. You can change your Apple watch accessories anytime you want. You can also change the Watch Face to match your outfit. 

One thing I find fascinating about Apple Watch is that with every new model, they introduce new  Apple Watch faces too. They take working in style pretty seriously at Apple! However, most new watch faces are compatible with the latest Apple Watch models only. Similarly, the contour watch face works only with Apple Watch Series 7. Scroll down to find out how to get contour watch face on an older Apple Watch. 

How to Get Contour Watch Face on Your Apple Watch?

Apple’s new contour watch face is all the hype right now. However, people with an Apple Watch series older than Series 7 won’t be able to access the contour watch face. Don’t worry! I have found a method to help you with your problem. Anyone with Apple Watch Series 6 and older can get the contour watch face if these steps are followed:

1. Download the Clockology App

I have already told you that you will not get the new watch face directly if you have an older Apple Watch. You need to download another app to get the contour watch face. I have found the Clockology app that lets you download the contour watch face. 

The first step to getting the contour watch face is downloading the Clockolgy app. Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Go to the App Store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Search for the Clockology app.

Step 3: Download the app.

how to get contour watch face

Note: You need to download the app on your iPhone and your Apple Watch. This process will not work if you have not downloaded the app on either of the devices.

2. Download the Contour Watch Face

Downloaded the Clockology app? Good! The next thing you need to do is download the contour watch face. Here is how you can download the contour watch face in the Clockology app:

1. Go to this link via your iPhone.

2. Tap on Continue to Website.

3. Click on Direct Download.

4. Click on Download

how to get contour watch face

5. Go to the Download icon at the top right corner.

6. Click on the downloaded watch face.

how to get contour watch face

Your contour watch face has been downloaded.

3. Download the Beta File

Once you have downloaded the contour watch face file, the next step is to download the beta file for the watch face. You need to download this beta file to sync the watch face to your Apple Watch. Here is how you can do that:

1. Go to this link on your iPhone.

2. Click on Enable Beta.

3. Click on Download.

4. Go to the download icon on the top right corner.

5. Tap the downloaded Beta File.

how to get contour watch face

6. Open the Clockology app on your Apple Watch.

7. Your beta file will be detected and synced to your Apple Watch.

4. Set the Contour Watch Face

 Congratulations, you have followed every step. The only thing left is to set the watch face on your Apple Watch. Here is how you can do that:

1. Go to the Clockology app.

2. Press and hold the downloaded counter watch face in the app.

3. Click on Watch Sync.

4. Tap on Sync.

how to get contour watch face

Note: While following all these steps, ensure that the Clockology app is opened on your Apple Watch. Also, ensure that the screen of your Apple Watch is turned on.

What is Unique About the Contour Watch Face?

Apple recently released the contour watch face. While it is available for series 7 only, I have also told you how to download it for older versions. However, what is so special about this watch face? Here are some of its features that would make you want to get the contour watch face:

how to get contour watch face
  • The font is customized to fit into the edges of the display.
  • This watch face can be used with the regular flat font or the rounded font variation.
  • You get a choice between a black background and a colored background.
  • You can edit the watch face to match your watch bands.
  • There are two slots for adding complications: a smaller one and a standard circular one.

How to Get Contour Watch Face on Any Apple Watch?

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Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! I have told you how to get contour watch face on an older Apple Watch in this article. This new watch face is customizable and has a lot of features. Now that you knwo how to download it, what are you waiting for? Go crazy! Customize your Watch Face as per your choice.

I hope you found this article useful. If you have any more questions regarding this topic, let me know in the comments below!

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