3 Ways to Get Carrots in Minecraft | Where and How to Find Carrots in Minecraft?

3 Ways to Get Carrots in Minecraft | Where and How to Find Carrots in Minecraft?

When it comes to the extremely basic items in Minecraft, trust me when I say that carrots truly do hold a pretty special place. If you want to relieve hunger, carrots are actually comparable to bread, and the best part is that the effort required to grow them is extremely minimal. Knowing about Where and How to get Carrots in Minecraft always comes in handy. But, don’t assume that they are easily available in this sandbox game. This is exactly why we’re covering How to Get Carrots in Minecraft. 

Whether it’s the growing part or it’s the trading part, we’ve covered every single thing for you. Thankfully, the Minecraft carrots don’t have seeds in this game, unlike the other crops such as wheat. This basically means that you can come across this specific food item as a whole.

To your advantage, carrots can be planted, modified, and used in a lot of different ways. But, that’s a topic for later. For now, let’s check out How to get Carrots in Minecraft. 

How To Get Carrots in Minecraft (2022)?

There are different methods that you can use to find carrots in Minecraft. Each method of ours works quite similarly on both Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions. We’ve mentioned all of them right below.

3 Ways To Get Carrots in Minecraft

Searching for some Carrots in Minecraft? Take a look at these easy ways to get carrots in Minecraft Game.

1. Mob Loot

You can manage to obtain the carrots in Minecraft just by destroying a variety of mobs in Minecraft. Keep in mind that these would include zombies, husks, and even zombie villagers. Although it is a low possibility, there is still a chance that these mobs may drop carrots when they get killed.

3 Ways to Get Carrots in Minecraft | Where and How to Find Carrots in Minecraft?

But don’t forget that this would only work when the mobs are actually attacked by either a player or even a wolf. But if by any chance, there is a different type of attack like TNT, this could possibly lead you to lose carrots.

2. Chest Loot

There are a few cases in Minecraft where you can even manage to find carrots during the process of looting chests. We’ve made a list of the chests which could help you figure out How to get carrots in Minecraft:

  • Pillager Outposts
  • Shipwrecks
  • Bonus Chests (Only Bedrock)

Do make a note of the fact that you would have the highest chances of finding chests with carrots in Minecraft right in the Pillager Outposts. 

3 Ways to Get Carrots in Minecraft | Where and How to Find Carrots in Minecraft?

3. Collection By Breaking

In case you find the carrots which grow right on a village farm, you have the option to collect them just by breaking them. Whichever tool you utilize to break them, it would get you at least 2 carrots from every single fully grown plant. 

This is the easiest and simplest method of how to get carrots in Minecraft. But, don’t forget that village farms only have an exact 20% possibility of spawning with carrots. So you may have to explore a lot of Minecraft Village Seeds until you manage to find the right one.

How Can You Utilize Carrots (Seeds) in Minecraft

3 Ways to Get Carrots in Minecraft | Where and How to Find Carrots in Minecraft?

Carrots can be used for various reasons other than just eating them yourself. For example:

  • Feed pigs and rabbits.
  • Trading and composting.
  • Making a Potion of Night Vision (convert it into a golden carrot).
  • Rabbit stew and carrot on a stick.

Wrapping Up

At last, you have finally learned How To Get Carrots in Minecraft and now you can utilize them to create a reliable farm for your Minecraft world. In case you’re on the latest version of Minecraft, do remember to check out our list of Best Minecraft seeds. From a lot of fabulous spawn points to glitched locations, you’ll find a lot to discover.

Now for carrots, they are quite easily among the most popular in-game food materials. In case you have any more doubts regarding How To Get Carrots in Minecraft, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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