How To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree | 9 Safest Ways To Rescue Cat

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Mysterious creatures with exceptional quirks. That’s how I’ll define cats. Most of the time, they’re calm and mind their own business. However, they can climb up a tree in seconds without knowing how to get down when they are in a not-so-calm mood. Quirky, I told you. So, how would you get a cat out of a tree? I know you might be getting minor panic attacks when the little one is up there without any help. But, Trust me! After reading this article, you’ll know everything on the subject. 

Some cats are all calm and peaceful, and then there are the trouble-makers. The latter ones are always enthusiastic about being athletic and slowing their in-built talents. Most of the time, their hidden talents land them somewhere they are not supposed to be, like on a tree. It might be just another fun activity for the cat, but for its owner, it cannot be less than havoc. 

Let’s not keep the cat hanging on the branch. Quickly go through every point and know all the best ways to get a cat out of a tree. 

9 Ways To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree

How To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree?

The first thing that you need to avoid is panic. Calm yourself first; only after that will you be able to get something done. The little animal might already be scared, and if you are all anxious and tense, it will only worsen things. Instead, you can calmly lookout for ways to get a cat out of a tree. 

If you suddenly find a cat stuck on a tree, whether it’s yours or not, you will look for the easiest and safest ways to lure it out of the tree. We have listed below the 9 ways to help you get a cat out of a tree without much hassle. All the things required are already in your home. 

1. Locate The Cat On The Tree

Before you panic and call everyone around, locate the exact position of the cat. It might be stuck on a branch. The cat would already be scared, so without panicking, determine its status. 

How To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree?
Source: Kitty Cat Tree

By determining the cat’s location on the tree, you will be able to make out how you will get it out. It will give you an idea of how far up the cat is and how tough or easy it will be to get a cat out of a tree. This point is for people who don’t know where precisely the cat is stuck. If you already know its position, then your first step is already done. 

2. Take All The Dogs Away From The Area

As you might know, cats don’t like dogs much. The two of the most favorite pet animals don’t exactly get along with each other. So, it’s only better that you take all the dogs away from the tree so that the cat can relax a bit. 

How To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree?
Source: Tractive

The idea is to make the cat feel safe, which will happen when there are no signs of danger in front of the feline. Many times people notice a cat is stuck on a tree only after some dogs bark. This is supposed to make the cat more nervous, and it definitely won’t come out in front of the barking creatures. That’s why you have to take them away from the site. 

3. Try To Calm Down The Cat

Now, you have an idea of what we are trying to do- calming the cat. You can be assured that as long as the little animal is nervous or scared, it will not jump down. In this case, your top priority should be to make the cat feel safe by all means. 

9 Ways To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree
Source: Wallpaper Abyss – Alpha Coders

There are chances the cat was scared of something in the first place, which got it to jump on the tree, and now it doesn’t want to come down. If you are the owner, try calling it by its name. If you are not the owner, you can try contacting the owner or someone who owns cats. They will help you to get a cat out of a tree.

4. Use Treats To Lure It Out Of The Tree

All animals love food, including your cat. As an owner, you would know what your cat’s favorite food is. Try offering food; this might help in luring it down. If you don’t know what the cat enjoys eating, give it something with a pungent smell like tuna.

9 Ways To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree

Put the food in a bowl and leave it at the bottom of the tree. Please take a few steps back so that the cat can come down without scaring itself, and that was your fourth measure to get a cat out of a tree.

5. Use a Laser Pointer

I am sure you have seen those videos on the internet where the cats aimlessly follow the laser light. You can try doing the same with your cat that is stuck on a tree. The little light is exciting for the cats, and they became instantly playful around it.

9 Ways To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree
Source: Applied Innotech

Aim the laser at a point of the branch where the cat can see it. Now, when you have the feline’s attention, slowly move the laser towards the trunk of the tree and bring it down. This method is most likely to work from this article on “how to get a cat out of a tree” because almost all cats are fascinated by lasers. So, even if you don’t know the cat, you can guess easily whether it is interested in the red dot or not.

6. Try Using A Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is a small box-like object used to carry cats or animals of the same size. You can put some tuna in the carrier and tie it with a rope. Throw the rope around the branch and make sure the carrier reaches up to the branch, where your cat is stuck.

9 Ways To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree
Source: SPY

Now that your carrier is close to the cat, it can jump in it by itself. It is a great way to get a cat out of a tree.

7. Use a Ladder

If none of the above methods are possible, the best way to get a cat out of a tree would be the “Old-School Ladder Method.” This method would work the best for you if you have put the cat carrier on the tree and the cat is still not jumping into it.

9 Ways To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree
Source: Sunset Ladders

Find a long ladder and place it against the tree. Climb up and slowly move towards the cat without scaring it. Now, hold the cat and put it in the carrier. Close the carrier entrance and climb down. Slowly, pull the rope and get the cat out of the tree. 

8. Call For Help | Reach Out To Arborists

If, after all the hassle, the cat is still not coming down and it has been more than 24 hours, then it’s time to call for assistance. While fire departments will rarely help you with this, you can always try reaching out to them. 

9 Ways To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree

You can also call local arborists to get a cat out of a tree. Since they are used to climbing up trees, they are more likely to help you. Also, they have all the necessary equipment. With a little to no fee, they will help you, and it will be worth it. 

9. Give It Time To Come Down On Its Own

If you have tried everything, maybe the cat doesn’t want to come down. Give it a little time and leave it there. It will come down once it gets hungry or when it gets cold. It would be your last option to get a cat out of a tree. 

9 Ways To Get A Cat Out Of A Tree

All that attention and hassle can make anyone nervous, and it is a little animal, it is more likely to get overwhelmed. So, give it enough time, and it will come down. After all, it can’t stay up there for long on itself. 

Wrapping Up 

I hope all these methods will help you to get a cat out of a tree. If you found this article helpful, then do share it with your friends who own pets. You can also comment below regarding other queries. We will try our best to answer you.

Till then, enjoy your day with your cat and keep it safe. Have a great day! 


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