How to Follow Someone on Mastodon: Know the Different Methods

Get to Know 6 Steps to Follow Someone on Mastodon

Mastodon is a new and unique entry into social media platforms. The platform has multiple servers which are controlled by one big corporation. Any person can create their Mastodon server popularly referred to as an instance on the platform. Mastodon has its own set of rules accordingly to which, you can set the guidelines for a Mastodon server without ad or data harvesting. But if you are new on the platform and want to follow someone, then you must know How to Follow Someone on Mastodon.

The best part about Mastodon is you can follow users also through other Mastodon instances, even if you are not a member of that instance. You can write posts of up to 500 characters in length, share photos and videos, and repost them on other users’ content.

I know you are excited to use the platform and explore more about it. So, keep your curiosities under control and get to know more details about how to follow someone on Mastodon.

How to Follow Someone on Mastodon?

How to follow someone on mastodon?

When you first set up your Mastodon account, you must fill up everything for a profile. Then after doing that, you have to move to the next step, as it happens on other social media platforms, Networking. Here you must follow people in your community or from other communities per your choice or preference. You may also choose people who have a relevant post as yours. Hence, to do so, please refer to the steps mentioned below.

1. Launch Mastodon.

2. Log into your account.

3. Click on the search icon at the bottom and open your explore feed.

4. Search for a name in the search field.

Get to Know 6 Steps to Follow Someone on Mastodon

Note: When anyone has an account on Mastodon, you get to see a profile suggestion.

5. Check for the activity of the user, like the posts and the feed of the toot on the explore page.

6. Click on the profile image and again tap on the Follow button.

Get to Know 6 Steps to Follow Someone on Mastodon

Note: There is no hard and fast rule where the person has to be from the same or a different community. When you follow them, their posts will again come into your feed.

How to Follow People on Mastodon With Different Options

Want to connect only with the folks on your server? You can visit the Community section at the top of the screen and view the toots from the people in the community. Here, you are free to comment, repost, or share the toots like you would on any other platform.

When anyone is interested in social media gossip with hashtags, then they can also explore the hashtag section. The News feed might excite you to explore more.

You may come to the For You page, where you get recommendations for influential accounts which you may feel like following, both inside and outside your server. You can also look for accounts that you might feel like following by going through the following list of the influential person you have followed.

How to Find People to Follow on Mastodon?

Due to the decentralized nature of Mastodon, finding people to follow may be easier on large Mastodon servers, but on smaller ones may require some looking around outside your server. When you are new on the Mastodon platform, then refer to the ways you can use to find people you can follow on Mastodon.

1. Follow People From Your Timeline

Follow people from your timeline

The first place to look is on your own server. Probably following the administrator of your server would be a good idea as they may announce relevant content there. Check the local timeline for other members on the same server. Also, look for remote users with the server you are on, and you can find some people to follow there.

2. Check Other Users Following and Followers List

When you know someone on Mastodon, you can have a look at the following or followers lists of that person. When you look for someone you like, you can follow them and then look at that particular user’s following or followers.

3. View Other Servers or Explore Pages

View other servers or public and or explore pages

You can also visit another Mastodon server public page and look for more people. You can find a list of Mastodon servers and other servers with compatible software on instances-dot-social.

4. Look For Users by Category 

Look at the categories that might interest you and the profiles listed to decide who you would like to follow.

5. The FediFollows Mastodon Account

FediFollows is a Mastodon account that regularly shares recommendations for people to follow.

Watch How to Follow Someone on Mastodon

Wrapping Up

Now I believe you have clarity regarding how to follow someone on Mastodon. The steps mentioned above are explained in detail and will help you to complete the job smoothly. I have also tried them on my account, and they worked perfectly. Hence, if you are new to the platform, refer to Path of EX, our website, for more information. Also, share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to follow someone on mastodon?

When you wish to follow someone on Mastodon, then you have to refer to the steps mentioned below:
1. Launch Mastodon
2. Log into your account
3. Click on the search icon and open your explore feed
4. Search for a person’s name in the search field
5. Check for the activity of the user on the explore page
6. Click on the profile picture and hit the Follow button

How can I find people to follow on Mastodon?

When you wish to look for people to follow on Mastodon, you may follow people from your timeline, check other users’ follow lists, or view the server of other people.

What are the other methods I can use to follow people on Mastodon?

To follow people on Mastodon, you may join a community section of Mastodon or search for people on the news or social gossip feeds. And look for like-minded people with relevant choices.

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