How To Fluff A Christmas Tree | 7 Simple Steps

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Christmas celebrations are incomplete if you do not bring beautiful and decorative trees to your home. Whether you have a real or artificial tree, you can decorate the tree with beautiful ornaments and many more. You can bring a pine, spruce, fir, or cedar Christmas tree to your home but fluffing a Christmas tree like a pro is more important. Let’s read how to fluff a Christmas tree.

I have been interested in decorating the Christmas tree since my childhood. From decorating a Christmas tree to making it fluffy, you need certain techniques. If you want to fluff your Christmas tree with the same passion. Let’s get started.

To make your Christmas tree decorative and gorgeous by fluffing, here we have listed down an easy guide for you.

7 Steps To Fluff A Christmas Tree

Whether you have a real tree or you have ordered an artificial tree, we all want that our Christmas tree should look like a bushy and a fluffed one. Christmas trees have always been on our minds to make them look gorgeous. Below are the steps that will help you to fluff a Christmas tree.

1. Choose The Best Location

The first step to fluff a Christmas tree is to choose a location to place your tree. Choosing the best location will set a tone for your Christmas tree and make your guests say “wow”.It will act as a center of attraction in your home. Do not place your Christmas tree near heat or fire.

Try to place your tree at a standard place or on a flat surface, where no accidental bumping will happen. Try to avoid overcrowded areas. It should be placed in such a way that will allow you to enjoy an enchanting view while having a meal with your family or friends.

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2. Select Your Tools

How To Fluff A Christmas Tree

Once you have chosen your location, the next step is to get ready with your tools. You can use a ladder or a step stool to reach the taller Christmas tree.

This will help you to accumulate the segregated sections of the tree. If your Christmas tree is smaller, you can do the decorations without using the ladder or stool.

3. Fluffing From The Bottom

If you want to properly fluff a Christmas tree, start the fluffing from the bottom of the tree. This will help you to assemble your tree. It is always advised to go from bottom to up.

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As you can easily spread out all the fronds of the tree and make the proper adjustments to all the sections. You can take any photos for reference that are easily available on the web if it looks clumsy. 

 4. Fluffing From The Inner Sections

How To Fluff A Christmas Tree

Once you have fanned out the branches. The next step is to start fluffing from the inner sections of the Christmas tree. Always start from the tips which are close to the center of your tree.

It should be angled vertically and moved out to the sides to give it a look of a peacock’s fanned tail. You can fill all the gaps and make the proper adjustments to each branch. Make sure you are filling all the major gaps and not leaving the tree trunk unattended.

5. Fluffing Of Individual Sections

It is always advised to work on a single branch at one time. As fluffing of an individual section will let you give a more realistic look to your tree. Don’t jump on the next branch unless and until you are not done with the previous branch. Repeat the above steps until your tree is fully fluffed and complete.

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6. Fluffing The Top Of The Tree

Fluffing the top of the tree will let you spread the branches up to give a proper triangular shape. The tree should give a full even look from all the sides. Make sure your Christmas tree is not having an irregular shape. You can see fluffing with your hands from inside the tree so that the branches will move straight up.

7. Decorate

How To Fluff A Christmas Tree

Once you are done with the above steps, start decorating your tree. You can use all the Christmas ornaments like garlands, roping, swags, poinsettias, wreaths, bells, stars, wrapping the lights around the tree, and many more. You can add these ornaments to give your Christmas tree a decorative and fluff look. If your Christmas tree has flaws, decoration will hide all these and make your Christmas tree the most beautiful one. 

Note:- You can also water your real Christmas tree to make it last longer and will add nourishment to it.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you got the best guide for fluffing your Christmas tree in simple and easy steps. So what are you waiting for? start fluffing your tree and give the best bushy shape to your favorite Christmas tree. Stay tuned to this article for all the latest updates. Keep decorating. Have a nice day!


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