How to Fix Remnant 2 Character Lost in Host’s Server | Character Replaced With Host’s Character

How to Fix Remnant 2 Character Lost

The Remnant 2 Character Lost error or glitch is one of the biggest issues with the game so far, and I have a hot take on it. Because players are pretty taken aback by this error and the progress they’ve lost, this glitch is catching attention.

No matter what difficult setting of Remnant 2 you’re on, the game is no easy feat. And because the game is still in its early stages, it has a few frustrating errors causing players to lose it.

So read on to learn about the Remnant 2 Character Lost error, its causes, and how you can fix it on your own in 3 easy ways! Comment here for suggestions, feedback, and any Remnant-related queries!

Remnant 2 Character Lost in Host’s Server

How to Fix Remnant 2 Character Lost in Host's Server | Character Replaced With Host's Character

Many players have noticed a pretty massive bug hitting the Remnant 2 players when they join a game or a host’s channel. The ‘Remnant 2 character lost’ bug causes the character joining a server to lose their character and spawn as the random’s character with all its gear and lose their own.

This bug is a huge deal because many players have lost 30+ hours of progress since their early access/ultimate edition gameplay. But what’s causing this glitch, and how can you fix it? Let’s find out.

Remnant 2 Character Lost in Host’s Server Causes

The main reason we speculate on this Remnant 2 Character Lost in Host’s Server bug has to be the fact that Remnant has a separate “World” savefile and “Character” savefile.

Because of this, players have noticed that the only thing to stay unlocked from my game are the areas they had completed because the area or World files are stored separately.

The devs have also released the Early Access Hotfix Patch for PC to fix this error, but some players have faced this issue even after the patch update.

How to Fix Remnant 2 Character Lost in Host’s Server?

There are a few fixes you can try to recover your character after your Remnant 2 Character is lost in the host’s Server. Try these easy recovery fixes:

  1. Verify Steam files and launch the game from the game’s folder instead of Steam.
  2. Find an older backed-up or local save file of Remnant 2 on your device or console and restore it by replacing the active file with the older one.
  3. If you didn’t have much progress, you can consider starting fresh as well.

Wrapping Up

I hope my fixes helped you restore your game after encountering the Remnant 2 Character Lost in Host’s Server glitch. Need more help with the game or to solve Remnant 2 puzzles? Go through my Remnant 2 walkthrough guide or comment for suggestions, feedback, and more!

Happy Gaming!

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