How to Fix Roku Remote No Volume Control Error | Follow the Steps

How to Fix Roku Remote No Volume Control

It is a well-known fact these days that Roku as a streaming service is gaining the market and customer base day by day. The freedom to stream online media content on Roku TV makes it special. Users can access unlimited content like blockbusters, reality shows, TV shows, kids’ programs, and sports events on Roku. However, they have to have a membership or subscription to the Roku streaming service. Despite being a premium member of the streaming service and facing an error like How to Fix Roku Remote No Volume Control Error, it must be frustrating.

If your Roku remote won’t let you control the volume, you’ll notice it first when users attempt to change the volume with the primary Roku remote control. There could be multiple reasons why errors like fix Roku Remote no volume control arise while using the Roku streaming app. Luckily, resolving this issue is quick and straightforward.

You would require to go through this article to know all the options through which you can solve the issue, like How to Fix Roku Remote No Volume Control Error.

How to Fix Roku Volume Control Not Working Error

In connection with the error Fix Roku volume control not working, the Roku remote control can occasionally malfunction. Even after that, the volume icons usually keep functioning. However, if they don’t, here are a few solutions.

1. Change the Batteries

 When the volume keys aren’t working, the battery packs may have died.

2. Have the Icons become Jammed or Stuck? 

So far as Fix Roku remote no volume control error is concerned, whether you have small kids or the regulation is old, the volume keys may be locked. Scrub away any lubricant or debris from the control with gentle clean and fresh or wet washes, after which click the volume buttons repetitively to remove any stains.

3. Is your Television Turned Off? 

When looking to know how to fix Roku remote no volume control error, the remote may have modified the volume (based on the on-screen marker), but it does nothing. If that’s the situation, your television may simply be silenced. Unmute it with your primary TV remote and see if that solves the problem.

4. Re-pair your Controller

In connection with the how to fix Roku remote no volume control error, reconnect the device unless your Roku remote is becoming disconnected from the Roku streaming pen. This can sometimes bring the controller back to life and customize the volume.

5. Do you use the App?

Unless you enable Private Listening, the audio will be routed to your mobile phone or connected headsets rather than the TV. To restore audio to your TV, turn off Private Listening and see if you still face Roku Volume Control Not Working error.

Is there a Problem with the Sound on Roku?

Unless you attempt shown above repairs and your Roku volume is still not functioning, the Roku may be having problems. Here are a few repairs users could try.

1. Reset the Roku

To know how to fix Roku remote no volume control error and to reset the Roku, disconnect it and its cable connection, sit tight for 10 seconds and reconnect. It can often restore the remote’s functionality, adjusting the volume.

2. Modify the HDMI cable

Insert the Roku into a different HDMI cable. You would not be capable of adjusting the volume with the remote unless the cable was defective.

3. Modify A/V Port

Correspondingly, unless your Roku depends heavily on an external A/V system for audio, ensure it is successfully aligned and isn’t undergoing any issues.

4. Change the Cables

Unless your sound configuration depends on cables, you could consider substituting them with one’s you know work to see if that solves the volume problem.

5. Customize Sound Settings

Roku’s audio configurations might need to be adjusted. Go over to Settings > Sound and then fine-tune the choices for your specific configuration. Set HDMI and S/PDIF to Dolby D when you’re using an optical wire.

6. Switch off your Surround Sound

To see if multichannel audio is the issue, click Settings > Sound and change the Sound configuration to Stereo. Then, on HDMI, select PCM-Stereo.

7. Examine the Remote to see if it is Overheating

A Roku remote may stop functioning as a result of excessive heat. Pause using your Roku remote if the back of it is hot to the touch. Excessive heat is almost certainly preventing the volume rocker from functioning right. Position the remote on the solid, non-flammable ground, such as stone or marble, and allow it to cool. It should be noted that expelling batteries while the remote is hot is not recommended.

How Do You Control The Speaker System Volume with the Roku Remote?

If you have a suitable speaker linked to your TV’s HDMI-ARC port and a Roku TV that endorses HDMI-ARC, you could use Roku remote to change the TV’s volume and thus the volume of your speaker system. This, however, will not be supported by all setups but will help you to Fix Roku Remote no Volume Control error.

Wrapping Up

In this article which is titled as how to fix Roku remote no volume control error, we must know that Roku has recently become a very popular streaming service thanks to its capability to allow you to appreciate functionalities from a smart TV to a non-smart TV.

Users could use finger drive-like devices to cast media, stream media internet, browse the web, and do various other things. Many people face problems when accessing online media content on Roku, such as Fix Roku Volume Control not working.

When reading an article like this, one should fix the volume error completely. Since the steps are designed by keeping in mind the common users, I hope this has resolved the issue completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t there a volume tab on my Roku remote?

The Roku volume button is generally found on the remote’s side.

How can I change the volume on my Roku?

Unless you don’t have a remote, you can control the level on your Roku by using the Roku phone app.

Is there volume control on the Roku app?

Yes, there is volume control in the Roku app.

How can I connect my Roku remote to my television?

Using the Roku controller app, you can integrate your Roku remote into your Television.

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