How to Fix Account Warning on TikTok 2022 | 2 Easy Ways to Save Your TikTok Account

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Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, TikTok, and others have solid rules embedded in their community guidelines. The violation of these guidelines results in account suspension and or deletion. Recently, users on Tiktok are getting account warnings of being suspended or restricted. Now, let us see the How to Fix Account warning on TikTok.

Normally users receive such warnings if they have violated any community guidelines. Since social media platforms take strict action against the accounts that violate the rules, you should always be careful. This Account warning that users are receiving on TikTok reads, “Your account is at high risk of being restricted based on your violation history. The next violation could result in being blocked from some features…”

To mitigate this issue, go through the article to know How to Fix Account Warning on TikTok and see what works for you.

How to Fix Account Warning on TikTok?

How to Fix Account Warning on TikTok 2022 | 2 Easy Ways to Save Your TikTok Account

Sometimes this warning might be a direct result of the violations, and the other times just a complex bug that disturbs the users with such warnings. Since there is more than one reason for the issue to the surface, therefore there are many ways that tell you how to fix account warnings on TikTok. Keep on reading to know more. 

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1. Must Be Because of Your Violation

How to Fix Account warning on TikTok.

Without rules, managing such a big social media platform would have been very difficult. Therefore TikTok, like other social media sites, has strict policies regarding violating their community guidelines. So the reason you might have got the warning is that you have violated TikTok guidelines, or someone might have reported your account. Uploading videos that are already the property of other TikTok account holders without their consent might have resulted in them reporting your account. You might have also uploaded content that goes against the rules of TikTok, resulting in the warning.

One more violation, and TikTok will restrict your account. And if that happens, you might not be able to use certain features in TikTok. The best way is to wait it out and not make further violations. The warning will eventually vanish or will get removed. 

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2. Contact TikTok Support

Sometimes the warning is a result of a bug in the app. The bug disrupts the app’s smooth functioning, and users might receive such Error warnings. This means that the account warning is a mistake from the side of TikTok. Since you are sure that you haven’t violated any TikTok guidelines, therefore this warning is a mistake. In this case, contact TikTok support, and they might be able to fix the issue for you. Here is how you can contact TikTok Support.

  1. Go to the Share Your Feedback Form to report the bug to TikTok. You can access this page either from mobile or PC. 
  2. Fill in the Contact Information that the form asks of you, including your TikTok username.
  3. Tap on Topic and choose Report a Bug/Feature Request from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then tap on Report a Bug.
  5. You will fill in some additional information regarding getting the “Error warning” that you are getting by mistake. You can also attach a screenshot of the error warning for reference.
  6. Tap on Send.

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How to Fix Account Warning on TikTok

After you have filled in the form and sent it, you have to wait for a few days for TikTok to respond. And your issue might get resolved.

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Wrapping Up

You should always use social media with caution. You should be respectful towards the content produced by people on any social media sites and not use it in an unlawful manner without their permission. You should also be vigilant in reporting issues if you think that you have been wrongly accused. In this article, I have listed How to Fix Account Warning on TikTok, but you can avoid such warnings by not violating any guidelines so that you don’t have to go through such a hassle. Hope it helps.


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