How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone?

How to fix a hacked android phone


Nowadays every one of us is using mobile phones, it seems impossible to live without a mobile phone, and we also have many personal details stored in it. So it is necessary to secure it properly and take care of it. Still, after a lot of security, sometimes we face the problem of hacked android phones. Before getting to the solution, one must take certain precautions so that now or in the future, they do not face such problems of mobile phone hacking.

So here are some precautions.

  • Don’t use your birth date, your name, vehicle number plate numbers as your password because everyone knows such details of yours.
  • Use only verified and well-known apps.
  • Be aware of fraud calls and fraud messages.
  • While giving your phone for repairing or any other purpose, choose the trustworthy person or else secure your personal details.
  • At the time of buying sim, make sure it is sealed properly, and it is unused.
  • Keep changing passwords regularly.
  • Don’t give your phone to an unknown person.

Who can hack your phone?

Now, you would think only an unknown person will hack your android. NO NO NO that is not 100 percent correct. Strange people hack your phone for monetary benefits like if you have your account details linked with your mobile phone.

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There are plenty of reasons that a known person or the person who is close to you might also hack your phone or try to hack your android phone. Their motive behind hacking your cell phone could be positive or negative.

  • If a person is close to you, he/she might hack your phone to keep a watch on you. That is where you go, with whom you are talking or are you keeping secrets from them or if you are lying to them, they can know if they hack your mobile phone.
  • Children are misusing mobile phones. They are also not ready to give their passwords to their parents. So parents could hack their children mobile phones to check that they are safe and on the right track.
  • Your friend or your cousin who is of your age and is jealous might try to hack your mobile phone because of insecurities.
  • Anyone from your group who wants to leak your photos or personal information would also try to hack your phone.
  • If you have a business rivalry with your competitors, then there are chances that they can hack your phone to know your plans. 
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How to know whether your phone is hacked or not?

Many times even after taking such precautions, the hacker can somehow hack your phone. Sometimes, we also don’t know that our phone is hacked. So here are some tips through which you can point out whether your phone is hacked or not.

  • Go to settings.
  • Open Apps/Apps manager/Application 
  • If you find any apps which are not installed by you, then you should go to the mobile operator (Make sure that the mobile operator is trustworthy).
  • Do some research, whether it is safe for your phone or not.

So, that’s it.

How to make your phone hack-free?

The first step to do when you know that your phone hacks is to unlink your mobile phone number linked with bank accounts,paytm or such money transfer applications as early as possible because there are chances that hackers would try to withdraw money from your account.

There are many apps and videos available to un-hack it, but here is the best solution.

There are many solutions available, but the best one is to FORMAT your phone. If you don’t format your phone, then there are chances that the hacker can still have your details.

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Note: You may end up losing all the details of your phone while formatting the phone.

However, even if you have to lose all the details, you must un-hack your phone so that your future data and money could be safe and you too.

If possible, keep different phones for personal use and professional use so that chances of hacking mobile phones reduce and the data stored in your android remains safe. The solution, as mentioned above, also increases your phone security.

So this is how you can un-hack your phone.

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