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Twitter exemplifies the power of words perfectly. On Twitter, a 280-character tweet may bring an entire system down. What is the impact of your tweet? Have you ever gone viral just for your tweet, or do you know if any of your tweets are worth a retweet? Let’s see what your most popular tweet is. Here’s how to find your most liked tweet on Twitter.

Do you know how many people liked the most popular tweet on Twitter? 7.2 million! Users’ engagement options on Twitter include replies, likes, and retweets. If you are an active person on Twitter, you might have some pretty spicy tweets that make people go crazy. You won’t be able to discover it on Twitter directly. Now is the time to look for it. Sometimes the engagement rate on your profile is what counts, not your number of followers.

What if I told you that Twitter has its methods for providing insights into your Twitter data? Yes. You don’t need a third-party application or impressive hacking skills to find your most liked tweet. Twitter has so many more hidden features like three inboxes which I am sure you don’t know. Here is how to find your most liked tweet for now.

How to Find Your Most Liked Tweet | Twitter Analytics

Every month, Twitter gives an in-depth examination of every account. It will give the user results for top tweets, top mentions, and top followers of the month, among other categories. It can be a great way to track your social media growth and you can make necessary changes to your plans.

It will also tell you how many tweets you posted in a given month and how many impressions they generated. Twitter keeps track of your new followers and profile visits and if your rate is rising or falling. Twitter Analytics is a fantastic free tool for monitoring your social media account and tweets.

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How to Find Your Most Liked Tweet on Computer

Viewing your most liked tweet won’t be a button with straight access. Here is how to find your most selected tweets using Twitter analytics on the computer.

1. Log in to ‘Twitter.’

2. Click on ‘More.’

Twitter analytics ; How to find your most liked tweet

3. Select ‘Analytics.’

Twitter analytics ; How to find your most liked tweet

4. Click on ‘Tweets’ on the newly opened page from the top menu.

Twitter analytics ; How to find your most liked tweet

5. Tap on ‘Top Tweets.’

Twitter analytics ; How to find your most liked tweet

6. Filter your most liked tweet by the period you want, instead of the default 28-day period.

That’s it. Now you know which tweet has the most likes on your profile.

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How to Find Your Most Liked Tweet on Mobile

Unfortunately, you cannot access Twitter analytics through a mobile application. It is not available on iOS and Android. However, this is not the end. You may still use the browser on your phone to find your most liked tweet. Use your mobile browser to access Twitter and look for your most popular tweet.

twitter logo ; How to find your most liked tweet

There is a more challenging alternative to this. By clicking the ‘Analytic button’ on the right of a specific tweet, you may examine your individual tweet analysis. However, if you had many tweets, it would be a disaster. To get your Twitter stats, we recommend using a browser.

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How to Find Your Most Liked Tweet Using Third-Party Application

We don’t trust or suggest any third-party apps because the vast majority of them are scams. But let us introduce some popular choices. You use these programs at your own risk. We’re only highlighting the various possibilities available.

1. Social bearing

It is one of the most recommended third-party applications for Twitter analysis. Social bearing analyses every part of your Twitter profile and displays the results like most liked tweets, impressions, and retweets. The social bearing will categorize your tweets under source, hashtag, and words.

2. FollowFly

It is a free tool coming into recommendation after Social bearing. FollowFly lets users explore popular tweets of any Twitter account. You can find the most retweeted and most liked tweets using the account’s username. No sign-up is required, and you can filter the results for the last year. 

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3. My Top Tweets

My popular Tweets is a simple application to find the most retweeted tweet of any user. You have to sign up with your Twitter handle in this application, which we never recommend.

Wrapping Up

It’s not easy to figure out your most popular tweet, but it’s not difficult either. I’ve covered all you need to know about how to find your most liked tweet on Twitter. Use Twitter analytics or third-party programs to assist you. If you have found this article helpful, share it with your Twitteratis!

Until we meet again, Toodaloo!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find my most liked tweet?

Use Twitter analysis to find your most liked tweet. You can filter the results for an extended period other than the default 28-days period. You can also use popular third-party applications like Socialbearing at your own risk.

2. How do I see my Twitter analytics?

You can access your Twitter analytics on the computer or using a browser only. The mobile application of Twitter doesn’t offer Twitter analytics on Android and iOS. Login to your ‘Twitter’ and click on ‘More.’ Scroll down and click on ‘Analytics.’ Now, you have a new Twitter analytics page.

3. How to use Twitter analytics for marketing?

Using Twitter analytics, you can track the metrics like Impressions, Reach, Engagement rate, Link clicks, Mentions, Followers, and Response rate. So by accessing all these Twitter data, you can identify your best content, analyze your competition and visualize your Twitter campaigns.

4. Does Twitter analytics show who viewed your profile?

No. Twitter doesn’t share information like who viewed your profile on Twitter. You can rely on third-party applications to find out who viewed your Twitter profile (Not recommended due to security concerns).

5. What is an account home on Twitter?

Account home on Twitter is the place that displays your account activity and highlights. You can view account summary metrics like Tweets, Tweet impressions, Profile visits, Mentions, and New followers. 


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