How to Find Your Comment on Instagram With 3 Simple Ways

Learn 3 Ways on How to Find Your Comment on Instagram

Instagram is no more limited to a photo and video-sharing platform. It is something more than that. Now you get to go back to the older comments you exchanged earlier. So, if you want to go back to some special comments made earlier, you must understand How to Find Your Comment on Instagram.

Do not worry about where to look for the right process; I already have you covered. The article below has three methods to help you understand how to proceed with the process. I am sure one method would help you get out of this ordeal.

So, do not think anymore and read the article now and get to know the process before anyone does. Make IG videos and share them with your friends on the platform.

How to Find Your Comment on Instagram?

There are three ways to see your previous comments on another person’s Instagram post if you like to locate your comment on Instagram. I have discussed them in detail below.

1. Using Your Activity

With the help of the activity feature, you can simply see and delete old comments you’ve posted., as shown below:

1. Launch Instagram.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines.

3. Select Your activity.

4. Go to Interactions, then go to Comments.

5. You come to the comments section, where the most recent ones are at the top.

6. To read older comments first, click Sort and filter and select the oldest to newest under Sort by.

Note: Select Security and click on Download data. To filter the comments, you can also specify start and finish dates.

7. Click on Apply.

8. Click Select and choose the comments to delete multiple comments.

9. Click on Delete

2. Check Posts That You Have Liked

You may check your liked posts through the list of likes and comments. You can use it to look for your previous comments as well. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open Instagram.

2. Tap on your profile page.

3. Click on the three-bar icon at the top.

4. Go to Your activity.

Go to Your activity.

5. Click on Interactions, then go to Likes.

Note: If you are unable to get Interactions under Your activity, open Instagram Settings > Account > Posts You have liked.

6. You will find the posts which you have liked and commented on

7. Click on the post you have commented on and explore for your comment. You may arrive upon postings with hundreds of comments; follow the instructions at the bottom to locate the exact comment. Try the next method when you cannot find the comment or post with the above methods.

3. Download Instagram Data

It is time to download your Instagram data. The data contains past messages, comments, settings, and more. You must open the comments file to view past Instagram comments.

1. Launch Instagram.

2. Go to Settings.

Select Security and click on Download data.

3. Select Security and click on Download data.

Note: In cases where you do not find Download data under Security, click on the three-bar icon on your profile, go to Your activity, and download your information.

Go to the Instagram web, Settings, Privacy and security, and Data download. Click on Request download.

4. Write your email address.

5. Click on Request Download.

6. When you write down your Instagram password, you must reconfirm your data.

7. You will get the Instagram data in your email. When you get the email, open it and click on it and Download the information.

8. Download the file on your computer or mobile.

9. The downloaded file comes in Zip format. With the help of a Zip extractor, extract the files within it.

10. Open the folder you extracted, and you get the files you were searching for.

11. Open the Comments folder.

12. You can locate the post comments to files in either HTML or JSON format under the Comments folder.

If it is HTML, open it in any web browser by clicking on it. The previous comments you wrote will be reflected on the page that displays in the web browser. You can also see the user name where you had commented and the exact comment with the date.

Note: When you do not find the Comments folder, you will get them in the comments in the main folder. Open that as shown using the steps mentioned for JSON or HTML format. When the post_comments file is JSON, you must convert it into a human-readable format.

Wrapping Up

When you wish to find your comments on Instagram, you must use any of the processes mentioned above. Then I am sure you will be able to get what you wish. So, read the article How to Find Your Comment on Instagram and get to know the details now. I believe you will not be disappointed when you use them. You may also refer to similar articles in Path of EX, the spot for all your trending stuff!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find your comment on Instagram?

When you wish to find your comments on Instagram, then you have to follow three methods- 1. Using your activity
2. Checking posts you have liked
3. Downloading the Instagram data

Is it possible to find the exact date and person on whom I commented sometime back?

Yes, you can get the exact date, comment, and the person from whom you have received the comment.

Can I download data from Instagram?

Yes, you can download data from Instagram. Security, click on the three-bar icon on your profile, go to Your activity, and download your information.

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