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How To Find Strawberries In Tower Of Fantasy

Are you making progress with Tower of Fantasy’s main narrative? Let us see how to find strawberries in tower of fantasy. Have you decided to go on an excursion to finish a few side missions? Perhaps you’re making soup while lounging next to a cooking station and are confused about how to find strawberries in a tower of fantasy, so here is the answer.

One useful dish is creating Iced Strawberry Soda for finishing side tasks, but it also has the benefit of regaining satiety. Strawberries are the most crucial component, but they might be difficult to find. Find out how to find strawberries in Tower of Fantasy by reading on.

Tower of Fantasy’s gameplay immerses players in a sci-fi fantasy setting where they take on the role of the main character as they explore the world of Aida. Cooking is one of the many activities this world offers players, which is crucial for their character’s general health and talents, so scroll down and see How To Find Strawberries In Tower Of Fantasy.

How To Find Strawberries In the Tower Of Fantasy?

How To Find Strawberries In Tower Of Fantasy In 2022

In Tower of Fantasy, gathering materials to make food is a crucial part of the game because it can replenish players’ health, stamina, and satiety or give them advantageous bonuses to help combat and explore. These components can include everything from strawberries to portunids to fallen fruit.

Several recipes in Tower of Fantasy, including Fruit Cake and Iced Strawberry Soda, require strawberries as a key component. When it comes to how to find strawberries in the tower of fantasy, players who are unsure where to obtain this ingredient have a few possibilities. However, strawberries can always be found on the ground growing on a strawberry bush. So let’s take a look at all the Strawberry Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Location Of All The Strawberries In Tower of Fantasy

Strawberries are not instantly available to Tower of Fantasy players just starting their exploration. Players won’t be able to acquire this resource until they have completed enough of the plot to open the region beyond the starting island across the water.

Strawberries may be found in abundance at Navia Omnium Tower and Raincaller Island. To locate more strawberries, players can also explore the bottom portion of Navia Bay and the region to the right of this spot.

To find the Strawberries in Tower of Fantasy, players must travel to-

  • Hyena Outpost
  • Miners’ Camp
  • Transport Hub
  • Goldrush Mountain
  • Fiendish Swam
  • Seaforth Dock from Forgotten Land

The natural “U” shape surrounding this area, which creates a farming route for players that they can frequently follow, is the most proper place to look for strawberries. Additionally, there are a few strawberries nearby Seventh Day Forest and on the region’s fringes to Goldrush Mountain’s right.

Recipes For Strawberry in Tower Of Fantasy

After solving the problem of how to find strawberries in Tower of Fantasy, players can make different recipes that call for strawberries. Although you don’t need a lot, it’s always a good idea to have extra strawberries on hand in Tower of Fantasy! It is particularly true if you’re utilizing the creation menu and intend to pour every item into the creating interface to increase your success rate.

  • Jam on Toast: Small Blueberry Jar x1, Strawberry x1, and Homi Grain x3
  • Fruit Cake: Strawberry x2, Homi Grain x1, Fallen Fruit x1, and Poultry Egg x1
  • Iced Strawberry Soda: Strawberry x2, Honey x2, and Carbonated Water x1

Wrapping Up

So your struggle over of how to find strawberries in tower of fantasy, and now it is your turn to prepare some yummy food and enjoy your strawberries in a different form.

I hope the article would have resolved all your tensions about how to find strawberries in the tower of fantasy and made you crack yours!!

Happy playing!!

1. Which is the best place to find Strawberries in Tower Of Fantasy?

Navia Omnium Tower and Raincaller Island are the best places to find strawberries.

2. How many recipes can be prepared from Strawberries?

Three recipes can be made out of strawberries.

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