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Online shopping has now become our favorite spot. A convenient way to do the payment is using a debit or credit card. There are various companies like PayPal that give an amazing virtual service to their users. It lets you enjoy safety and flexibility when you make the payment for online purchases.  If you are using a credit card for online payment and have forgotten the Credit card number, you can find it easily. To know more, learn how to find PayPal Credit card number right here.

We all love to do digital payments as it is easier to get all the things conveniently by sitting in your comfort zone. By using a credit card, you can add it for international transactions anytime and anywhere. Suppose you forgot your Paypal credit card number or do not know how to get access to your credit card number. Then, you have to look for various ways to get it back.

Are you excited to know how to find PayPal credit card? If so, go through the article and read the simple steps. All your problems will be solved once for and all.

What Is PayPal Cardless Credit?

paypal credit logo: how to find  paypal credit card number

If we talk of credit cards, we only think of having a physical card in our hands and doing the transactions. What if you get a cardless credit on PayPal? It will be easier and safer to use. You can access this virtual credit card service anywhere by simply taking out a smartphone and doing an online payment. Let’s see how to find PayPal credit card number.

PayPal is doing wonders in the credit business. It provides you full online credit if you are fond of making online purchases. PayPal provides you with fast service and you can easily get credit approval by filling up the online form. Go through the following steps to avail the credit card facility on PayPal.

  1. You must have a PayPal account to get the card and also PayPal credit will be linked to it.
  2. You will get the PayPal credit only if the various online sites are accepting PayPal as a payment option.
  3. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to make online purchases, PayPal credit helps you to cover the gap and provides you with adequate funds.
  4. There is no annual fee for getting the PayPal credit, but you have to make sure to clear your PayPal minimum credit balance within 6 months. Otherwise, you have to pay a higher interest.

How To Find PayPal Credit Card Number?

PayPal Credit provides you with a virtual credit service and does not provide a physical credit card number. It provides you with a 16- digit number and displays only the last 4 numbers that you can only see when you make the payment online. As you already know, the card number which is added to your PayPal account is encrypted. That is why you cannot see the full card number.

However, you can use PayPal credit at various online sites only if they have the PayPal payment option. Likewise, PayPal’s master card is accepted by various merchants if they have MasterCard acceptance. Go through the following steps and know how to find PayPal credit card number:

  1. PayPal credit can only be used at the PayPal website.
  2. Simply log in with the PayPal details.
  3. You can not get the card number. Simply log in with the PayPal account details to avail the benefits of PayPal credit.
  4. You have to be sure that the payment option is only PayPal.

If your payment option is not PayPal, then you can use different PayPal credit cards like PayPal Cashback Mastercard and PayPal Extras Mastercard.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article was useful to you. PayPal is a trusted online transaction successor for its users. No matter which transaction you do, you always pay from the PayPal account that protects you from online scammers. I hope it is now clear to you how to find PayPal credit card number. Now, it is time to wrap up this article. Feel free to comment and share this article with your friends. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is PayPal Key?

PayPal Key acts like a virtual card that you can use at any online site. You can also shop at any US merchant that accepts Mastercard. All you need is a virtual card number, expiration date, and security code.

What are test credit card numbers?

Test credit card numbers are embedded with PayPal Sandbox. You can use 123 as CVV for (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners Club).and 1234(American Express).

What is the expiration date of the PayPal credit card?

It will get automatically updated. If your card is eligible for automatic updates.

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