How to Find My Facebook Account by my Name | A Recovery Guide For FB

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Have you lost your email Id or phone number, which you had used to log in to Facebook? Then you are in the exact place; here, you will get all the details to recover your account without them. Today losing your valuable credentials to log into your social media platforms is not a big issue. There are methods and ways to recover them and start afresh. Let’s learn how to find my Facebook account by my name.

Facebook is a platform that is very helpful for its user’s credentials. They always support their users with; tentative methods to get to their account and enjoy their services. OUr article is designed primarily to help you get to your old Facebook account.

You only have to follow the steps below as per the method you choose, and you will get your original Facebook Account within no time. So, trust me and get started.

How to Find My Facebook Account by my Name

How to Find My Facebook Account by my Name
How to Find My Facebook Account by my Name

Have you forgotten your phone number or email address used while creating your account on Facebook? Do not worry; we have got the best solution through which you can easily find out your Facebook account. You can even use your name to get to your Facebook account. So follow the steps mentioned below.

Recover your Facebook account using another account
Recover your Facebook account using another account

1. Login through another Facebook account
Note: You may create a new Facebook account or use your friend’s Facebook account.
2. Search for your account name on the search bar.
3. If you are friends with this account, use the filters on the left.
4. Filter the People who are friends with this account.
Note down the username on top of the address bar after you get the link for the username. You can use this to log in with Facebook.
5. You may use the unique Facebook ID to login into Facebook

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How Do I Recover My Facebook Account?

If you cannot use the above option, then use the next option. It will help you to get ot your Facebook account. Go through the steps below, and we are sure you will get through this.

1. Launch Facebook and log in through another account
2. Click on Report this profile
3. Go to recover
4. Now recover your account.
Note: You may have to go through the next step depending on your logged-in account.
5. Facebook asks you to confirm your phone number and request a security code or ask you to get in touch with your trusted contacts for a unique security code.

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How Do I Recover my Facebook Account Using Trusted Contacts?

How do I recover my Facebook account using trusted contacts?
How do I recover my Facebook account using trusted contacts?

When you set up the trusted contacts option on your Facebook account, you can see this feature. In addition, you may check the steps below to recover your Facebook account through the option of trusted contacts.

1. Launch Facebook and log into your account
2. Facebook gives a unique URL for every trusted contact.
3. Ask your friends and relatives to use the URL and get a unique security code.
4. Use this security code to recover your Facebook account.

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Wrapping Up

I hope this article on how to find my Facebook account by my name? It will help you recover your Facebook account when you have lost or forgotten your credentials. The above methods have always come in handy whenever I forget my Facebook credentials. I suggest you use one of the methods whenever you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find my Facebook Account by my name?

It is pretty easy to find your account by your name. You only have to follow a few simple steps and recover your account.

Can I log in to my friend’s account and recover my Facebook?

Yes, you can recover your Facebook account by logging through your Facebook account.

Does Facebook provide any link to recover my account?

Yes, Facebook would send you a link to recover your account. YOu can access the link through your friend’s account.


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