How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft | Get Minecraft Emeralds in 4 Ways

How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft

Want to learn how to find emeralds in Minecraft? In this blog, I’ll cover it all. Let’s start with a little introduction to understanding what a Minecraft emerald is, and read on to find out why you might want one.

As you might already know, Emeralds are rare minerals used as currency between villagers and wandering traders in Minecraft. Interestingly, Minecraft’s emerald ore is rarer to find than diamonds, so naturally, it’s tough to find. This makes them even more valuable to the players!

Fortunately, there are 4 neat ways to find emeralds to help boost your Minecraft gaming experience (by a lot!). So let’s dig in and explore different methods through which you can get these rare Minecraft emeralds! 

Find Emeralds In Minecraft | 4 Ways

How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft

There are 4 basic methods to find emeralds in Minecraft that I’ll discuss. Some might be tougher than others, but you already know it’s worth it. (And if you don’t know why it is, read till the end to find the staggering uses of emeralds. And trust me, you don’t want to skip that part!)

Note: To those curious about taking a shortcut, it’s not possible to cheat to get emeralds on Minecraft.

Ways To Find Emeralds in Minecraft-

1. Trade Goods For Emeralds With Villagers

Trade Goods for Emeralds with Villagers in Minecraft

The top reason you might want to find emeralds in Minecraft is to trade. Not only can you trade Emeralds for goods, but you can also trade goods that the villagers want for Emeralds. The items the villagers need can vary greatly; still, some of the trades ask for common objects, and depending on your collection, you might have a large number of tradable products!

The following are some of the top trade offers you should consider:

  • Giving the farmer wheat,
  • Trading rotten flesh with the cleric,
  • Giving coal to the armorer,
  • Giving the butcher a raw chicken,
  • Giving stickers to fletcher. 

2. Loot Vindicators And Evokers

As a reward for their defeat, Evokers and Vindicators can drop Emeralds. So if you’re looking to find emeralds in Minecraft, you should concentrate on these two mobs because most of the other enemies can’t drop Emeralds. The most typical approach to locate Evokers and Vindicators is during raids, where they both spawn.  

What’s more? In addition, foxes with emeralds in their mouths occasionally spawn in Minecraft. To get these emeralds, you can either kill these foxes or give them food. 

3. Search Chests & Randomly Generated Structures For Emeralds

Search Chests & Randomly Generated Structures for Emeralds in Minecraft

There is also a chance that you’ll find emeralds in Minecraft chests if you are lucky. But randomly created structures are a simpler way to get Emeralds because chests rarely contain them. So, keep your eyes open for randomly generated structures as you explore the big Minecraft world to avoid missing any structures containing Emeralds or other valuable items.

Not sure where to find chests in Minecraft? Underwater ruins, Buried Treasures, the end city, villages, strongholds, and Shipwrecks are a few places to look out for!

4. Mining Emerald Ores

Mining Emerald Ores in Minecraft

If all the above don’t seem to do the trick for you, you can do it the old-fashioned way: mine it. Although it is pretty rare to generate emeralds through mining, it’s worth giving a shot. So give mining a try if you want to find emeralds in Minecraft.

Fun Fact: If you simply mine the emerald ore block, you receive just one emerald. But if you’re mining it with a pickaxe enchanted with the Fortune enchantment, you might get anywhere from one to four emeralds! 

What is the Use of Emeralds in Minecraft?

What is the Use of Emeralds in Minecraft, How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players can use these emeralds to unlock various rare content early on in the game, so no wonder they’re an incredibly sought-after commodity.

For Instance, Powering Beacons is one of the most popular things players find emeralds in Minecraft for. You can then use that beacon to give you a special effect, such as a jump or speed boost. And, of course, if you’re feeling festive, beacons can be placed to spruce up your home or village. It works like a charm!

Wrapping up!

Now you know that despite being rare, there are four straightforward ways to obtain the highly sought-after emeralds in Minecraft. So if you haven’t yet found any, don’t be glum. Just by being vigilant and observant as you explore the 3D sandbox, you’re sure to get lucky with our guide to find emeralds in Minecraft. 

Keep mining, and happy gaming!

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