How To Get Palworld Electric Organ? Pals That Drop Electric Organ

How To Get Palworld Electric Organ? Pals That Drop Electric Organ

If you happen to be a fan of action-adventure games, then I bet you’ve played Palworld. The recently released video game is currently a hot topic of discussion in gaming communities worldwide. Gamers are still exploring the game and trying to figure out certain things. There are many players who don’t know about the Palworld Electric Organ and how to use it. In this article, I’ll discuss how to get and farm Palworld Electric Organ.

Palworld was released on 19th January 2024, and Japanese gaming company Pocket Pair developed it. The game lets you explore an exciting new world where you can battle other opponents and capture various creatures known as Pals. You can also win bonuses in the game, like the Lucky Pal bonus. This new year, explore Palworld and have a fantastic gaming experience.

You can play Palworld on Windows and Xbox. There are no official announcements made regarding its compatibility with PlayStation. Well, you can be a little patient and wait for it to arrive on PlayStation. Not to mention, the game does support multiplayer mode. However, let’s not waste any more time and dive into the details of how to get Palworld Electric Organ.

How To Farm Palworld Electric Organ?

How To Get Palworld Electric Organ? Pals That Drop Electric Organ

In Palworld, players have the option to get different organs by catching and defeating Pals. Electric-type Pals in the game drop Electric organs, whereas ice and fire-type Pals drop ice and flame organs. The exact organ you acquire depends entirely on the Pal you battle

1. To get Electric Organs, you have to fight:

  • Jolthog
  • Sparkit

2. To get Ice Organs, you have to fight:

  • Pengullet

3. To get Fire Organs, you have to fight:

  • Foxparks

Pals That Drop Electric Organs In Palworld

Nine Pals can drop Electric Organs In Palworld, and you can defeat them and get those Electric Organs. Check out the Pals that drop Electric Organs in Palworld

  1. Beakon
  2. Dazzi
  3. Grizzbolt
  4. Jolthog
  5. Mossanda Lux
  6. Rayhound
  7. Relaxaurus Lux
  8. Sparkit
  9. Univolt

Palworld Electric Organ: Electric, Flame & Ice Organs in Palworld

Be it electric, flame, or ice organs; they are all crafting materials for structures and items. Different recipes in the game require a specific type of organ. Primitive furnaces in Palworld use flame organs, whereas cooler boxes need ice organs. You can use these organs to make heat and cold-resistant armor.

When you have these organs in your storage box in the game, you can use them whenever you wish to, mainly when your armor is damaged or requires repairs. When it comes to making your character strong in the game, electric organs play a vital role. And if you get the chance to use flame and ice, well, that would be an added advantage.

Different Pals And Their Raw Resources In Palworld

How To Get Palworld Electric Organ? Pals That Drop Electric Organ

As you know how to get Palworld Electric Organ, you must be familiar with some of the Pals in Palworld. Well, it is time to know about a few more. Below, we have listed the Raw Resources and the Pals that provide them in the game. Here’s the list:

  1. Gold Coin Direhowl, Mau, Vanwyrm
  2. Gumoss Leaf – Gumoss
  3. Horn – Arsox, Caprity, Eikthyrdeer, Fenglope, Incineram, Reindrix, Univolt
  4. Ice Organ – Ice pals
  5. Technical Manual – Anubis, Hoocrates, Katress, Lyleen, Shadowbeak, Wixen
  6. Katress Hair – Katress
  7. Medical Supplies – Flopie, Lyleen, Vaelet
  8. Penking Plume – Penking
  9. Polymer – Jetragon
  10. Pure Quartz – Astegon, Jetragon
  11. Ruby – Direhowl, Relaxaurus, Vanwyrm
  12. Sapphire – Mau Cryst
  13. Silver Key – Leezpunk
  14. Strange Juice – Lovander
  15. Suspicious Juice – Lovander
  16. Tocotoco Feather – Tocotoco
  17. Broncherry Meat – Broncherry
  18. Cake – Lovander
  19. Caprity Meat – Caprity
  20. Chikipi Poultry – Chikipi
  21. Cotton Candy – Woolipop
  22. Eikthyrdeer Venison – Eikthyrdeer
  23. Galeclaw Poultry – Galeclaw
  24. Honey – Beegarde, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, Warsect
  25. Lamball Mutton – Lamball
  26. Mammorest Meat – Mammorest
  27. Mozzarina Meat – Mozzarina
  28. Mushroom – Lovander, Mossanda, Tanzee
  29. Raw Damud – Damud
  30. Raw Kelpsea – Kelpsea
  31. Reindrix Venison – Reindrix
  32. Rushoar Pork – Rushoar
  33. Berry Seeds – Gumoss
  34. Red Berries – Caprity, Cattiva
  35. Lettuce Seeds – Bristla, Cinnamoth
  36. Tomato Seeds – Broncherry, Mossanda, Vaelet

Wrapping Up

As Palworld is a new game, players are still figuring out many things and exploring them. But at least, now you know how to get Palworld Electric Organ. If you liked reading the article and think it was helpful, then do let me know in the comments section. If you feel like going through more such gaming articles, keep an eye on the Path Of EX website.

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