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Zenly is a snap-owned, live location mapping application for people you added to a friend list on Zenly. It can display your precise location. Sometimes you don’t want to share your site- reason can be plenty. We know why you searched ‘How to fake location on Zenly’ instead of turning it off. Zenly won’t work correctly by turning off location access for Zenly in settings. Wondering what to do if you want to use Zenly but don’t want to share your location? Here is the answer.

In February 2022, Zenly made some headlines about account hijacking. There were some bug issues on Zenly. When someone sends you a friend request, Zenly accesses your phone number immediately, whether you accept the invitation or not. One can easily reach out to the friend list of someone on Zenly, which will be inappropriate if they don’t want to be found out. Snap solved the issue after users’ mass reporting of threatening possibilities.

This article is all about how to fake your location on Zenly. You can choose an in-built method on Zenly to simulate your location or rely on third-party applications. Let’s see the possibilities in detail.

How to Fake Location on Zenly | Ghost mode

Zenly made an in-built method to fake location on Zenly. You can freeze your location on your last live location by using Ghost mode. You can also blur your location, which means the app shows a broader picture of your location instead of a precise spot. Have a stable network connection, and let’s look at how to fake location on Zenly using ghost mode.

1. Go To ‘Profile.’

2. Tap on the ‘Ghost mode‘ above your user name.

Steps to fake location on zenly; How to fake location on zenly

3. ‘Select people’ you want to hide from.

Steps to fake location on zenly; How to fake location on zenly

4. Choose ‘Blurred/Frozen’ from the pop-up window.

Steps to fake location on zenly; How to fake location on zenly

5. Tap on ‘Select all’ to hide your location from all your friends.

How to Fake Location on Zenly | Use A Third-Party Application

When an application restricts any user experience, third-party applications are found to rescue it. Most of the time, significant applications decide what to put on their update based on the third-party applications in the market. Because third-party applications come up with services that social media platforms failed to provide. Let us introduce a third-party application, which might help us on how to fake location on Zenly (Third-party applications can be intruding-DYOR)

iMoveGo is one of the best applications to fake locations on Zenly. It is a GPS spoofer with no jailbreak needed. This app works by changing your GPS data available on the phone. It is an application works well on iOS to fake location.

Appilcations to fake locations; How to fake location on zenly
  • Easy user interface.
  • Great deal with a free trial.
  • Works on every social media platform.
  • Both iOS and Android are compatible.
  • You can teleport the location to anywhere on the planet.
  • Considerably fast with good network access.

Wrapping Up

Stalking others can be fun, but we don’t like people stalking us sometimes. We installed Zenly as it is cool, but if it starts to annoy you or your friends. You can’t go anywhere without letting people know on Zenly. If you turn off location access, you can’t use Zenly. That’s when faking location comes in handy. You can still access other people’s locations after faking your location. It also helps to explore new friends in other locations. 

We’ve gracefully guided you on how to fake location on Zenly. Share with your friends if you found this helpful. What else do you want us to share about Zenly? Let us know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Zenly work without a network connection?

Unfortunately, no. Zenly requires an active network connection to access your location and share it with friends.

2. What is the blue circle on Zenly?

It is the time your friend spends in the current spot.

3. What is pop in Zenly?

Pop on Zenly showed the number of people you’ve invited and became your friends on Zenly.

4. How to bump on Zenly?

The bump is a fantastic feature on Zenly. Open Zenly on your phone and bump it with your friend’s phone. You have become friends on Zenly now!

5. Does Zenly drain your battery fast?

Since the location access is on at all times, the possibility of draining the battery can be considered. But experts ensure that Zenly uses a meager percentage of battery to run than most other location-tracking apps.

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