How to Edit a Caption on TikTok After You Posted It | 12 Easy Steps

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TikTok is a battlefield for first-time users. You must have regretted posting a caption without shaping it. Now you are searching how to edit a caption on TikTok after posting it. It can be an adjective or symbol, which might have enhanced the sensibility. You have the right to scream over that spelling mistake as you won’t find an ‘edit’ option to alter it. But you don’t have to worry as we exist to help you. Let’s see how to edit a caption on TikTok after posting it.

With the updates and newly added features, TikTok constantly changes its user interface. But it is such a shame to lose your effort for lacking an ‘edit’ option. Also, there were quite a few ‘TikTok captions gone wrong’ moments. To err is human, but TikTok doesn’t forgive! That’s why we have to hack a way to fix this as soon as possible.

You must have been sitting on your couch worrying about the caption. We know it became perfect on the 100th take. You spend hours finalizing the lip sync and changing your make-up twice. But if you have just posted it, follow our guidelines- You won’t miss your effort. It is all about how to edit a caption on TikTok after posting it.

How to Edit TikTok Caption After Posting It?

The design and user interface of TikTok are remarkable as it is so easy to understand. But it doesn’t give you an edit option after you post a video, which makes you more cautious about posting something on the TikTok.

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There is only one way to change the caption naturally on TikTok- Delete and re-upload it without missing your video. Follow these guidelines to edit your caption on TikTok,

1. Click on the ‘Me icon’ at the bottom right.

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

2.‘Select the video’ with the caption to be changed.

3. Click on the ‘Three dots.’

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

4. Tap’ Save video.’

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

5. ‘Delete the video’ you posted.

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

6. ‘Repost’ the same video by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the middle of the bottom bar.

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

7.Tap the ‘Upload’ option.

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

8. Choose the ‘Saved video’ from the photos and tap ‘Next.’

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

9. Tap ‘Next’ again to add stickers and change effects.

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

10. Tap ‘Next’ again.

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

11. ‘Add a caption.’ Change ‘Audience preference.’

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

12. Select ‘Post.’

steps to edit caption ; edit a tiktok caption

You have successfully changed your caption on TikTok without losing your video. The only concern about this method is that you have to detect it much earlier. Otherwise, you will lose likes and comments that were already posted under our deleted video. The early detection of the problem might save you some engagement on your page.

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How To Delete a TikTok Video?

You may have several reasons for deleting a video. TikTok has made this more accessible than ever. All you have to do is find your video. How do we do that?

  1. Tap on the ‘Me icon’ at the bottom right.
  2. ‘Select the video’ you want to remove.
  3. Tap on the ‘Three dots.
  4. Choose ‘Delete’ from the menu.
  5. Confirm the deletion by tapping ‘Delete’ on the pop-up menu.

It is the best way to delete your videos on TikTok.

Can I Edit a Caption on TikTok?

Still not sure of the methods? Watching a video might be more helpful

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Wrapping Up

If you want your TikTok video captions to stand out, you must be careful, as there is no turning back after posting it. Since changing the caption after posting it online is a mess, you better detect your mistake sooner than later. Let us hope TikTok will add an editing feature as in Instagram in the future before users delete TikTok out of frustration. Until then, we are the ones to take care of our mistakes, or you can choose the auto-caption option.

I hope you enjoyed the party, see you soon later!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to add text to your TikTok video? 

Tap on the ‘Text’ option. Enter your text and customize it.

2. Can I add captions to drafts after saving?

Yes. You can add captions to the draft after saving. It is also a perfect way to avoid the mess with captions. Tap on the video to update it. Then either re-save or post it.

3. How many characters are allotted in captions on TikTok?

It might feel intruding, but TikTok captions only allow 100 characters.


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