How To Earn Diamonds In Royale High (2024) | 5 Easy Methods

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In Roblox Royale High, diamonds are the preferred in-game currency that can be swapped for clothes, allowing players to dress and impress. Additionally, as no free diamond Roblox codes are available, players might require another method to acquire them. So let’s talk about how to earn diamonds in Royale High and add more currency to our game bank.

Popular RPG and fantasy title Royale High is available on Roblox. They are well-known for their beautiful and current 3D model accessories, including clothing and hairstyles, which can be bought in exchange for diamonds. The game’s player base also contributes to creating hair textures, makeup illustration face packs, and fabric designs that can be used for clothing.

If you frequently play Royale High, you know that many gems are required to outfit your character in the newest attire. I will help you with the quickest ways to obtain diamonds in the game because they can take a while. So keep reading to find out ways to earn diamonds in Royale High.

5 Methods To Earn Diamonds in Royale High | Grab Your Favorite

Methods to earn diamonds in Royale High are much simpler than you think to find diamonds could be.  So scroll down and learn How to earn diamonds in Roblox Royale High. You can use these five strategies below to get extra diamonds in the game.

1. Log In To Royale High Daily

Diamonds In Royale High

You receive diamonds every day when you log into Royale High Daily from your apartment computer desk. You will gradually win more diamonds each day if you maintain your daily log-in streak, so be faithful it is the most easier way to earn Diamonds in Royale High.

You need to put in some effort if you want the daily reward. You can go to your flat > go to your computer. When you sit down, your avatar will log in and begin collecting the diamonds. Every twenty hours, it resets.

2. Level Up In Royale High

How To Earn Diamonds In Royale High (2023) | 5 Easy Methods

Level-up is a key component for leveling the process of earning Diamonds in Royale High. You will receive diamonds as a prize for leveling up to compensate for the grind.

Sleeping is the fastest way to gather gems. It gives you energy, which gives you experience. Gaining enough skill and leveling up will help you earn 300 diamonds.

3. Find Them Throughout The Royale High World

Diamonds In Royale High

In Roblox Royale High, there are numerous zones to explore and many things to see. Zones that no one has any curiosity in should not be disregarded because they might contain diamonds. You can gather diamonds everywhere around the worlds of Earth, Sunset Island, Enchantix High, Diamond Beach, and Royale High.

Diamonds are scattered throughout these zones. They are sometimes concealed, and in some other instances, they are visible. In these worlds, you can find the shell, heart, and diamond symbols. Pink has a value of 1 diamond, whereas yellow has a value of 20 diamonds for each icon.

4. Using A Diamond Multiplier

Diamonds In Royale High

Diamond multipliers are an additional purchase for Roblox Royale High players that cost Robux. Although it doesn’t deliver diamonds immediately, it boosts the quantity you get as you level up, discover them all over the place, and gather them. However, the login reward is not compatible with it. However, it’s a fantastic way to acquire diamonds for amazing things.

5. Participate In The Pageant At Sunset Island

Diamonds In Royale High

Do you take pleasure in dressing up at Royale High? If so, then you should enter the pageant! All users on that server will vote to choose the champions once you make an outfit that matches the theme. You will still get diamonds even if you lose. Remember to register for the pageant at the sign-up table. You will only participate in the pageant if you do.

These are all the ways you can earn diamonds in Royale High. So what are you waiting for? To login to your game and get started!

Uses Of Diamond In Royale High

Diamonds In Royale High

Diamonds are used for the following things in Royale High. These are amazing items that make your game more thrilling while enjoying it. 

  • In Royale High, diamonds are used as a form of payment and may be used to buy goods. 
  • A second currency known as “Candies” has also been employed during Halloween Events as a means for users to pay for the premium event using diamonds. 
  • Players can also use diamonds in Royale High to buy accessories.

Wrapping Up

This is everything you must know about how to earn diamonds in Royale High. I hope this article was helpful and made you earn many diamonds! Let us know in the comments below which method you found most easy. Check out Path of EX for more gaming-related articles. 

Happy Gaming! 

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