How to Disable YouTube Shorts? Here are the 5 Easy Methods!

Are you not a fan of short videos? And seeing them on every platform has started troubling you. It all started from TikTok, then reels on Instagram, followed by Facebook, and now even on YouTube. It is easy to get started with YouTube Shorts, but you can also disable YouTube Shorts. Don’t stress out! I will tell you How to Disable YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts may cause an interruption in the way of a user who is just trying to find some detailed, informative video on the YouTube platform. As YouTube is just known for being a long video platform, some people might not want to see shorts. Making such short-duration content grabs attention and spreads like fire, but on the contrary, it may not be appreciated by a wide scale of intelligent users. 

In this article, you will be given a detailed guide to the process of how to disable YouTube Shorts. In just a few easy steps, YouTube Shorts will be removed from the YouTube platform on your device. 

How to Disable YouTube Shorts? (5 Methods)

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

If disabling YouTube Shorts is the only option left, you have definitely reached the right platform. You completely have access to make choices for the platforms you use. It will make the app function more smoothly and comfortably for you.

I am going to mention below various methods which can easily help you to disable YouTube Shorts. 

1. Disable YouTube Shorts From YouTube Home

This method to disable YouTube Shorts from the YouTube home is the simplest and easiest one to remove the YouTube Shorts from YouTube. It is just a few clicks ahead. 

1. Open the YouTube app and Scroll.

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

2. When Shorts will appear, Click on the three dots in their right corner.

3. As the menu appears, click on Not Interested.

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

4. Repeat it on all shorts appearing. 

And now you will not see shorts anymore. You can close and open the app to recheck this disappearance of shorts.  

2. Disable YouTube Shorts From Settings

This method can also be used to get rid of YouTube Shorts. It is a method that is possible within the app. This can be done from the access settings in the app. 

Here are the guide steps you need to follow:

1. Open the YouTube app and click on your Profile Picture in the top right corner.

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

2. Look down for the option of Settings.

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

3. As the menu of settings opens, tap on General there. 

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

4. Then, You can choose to Slide the Toggle Off.

    And it’s done! 

Note: This method is used to Disable YouTube Shorts. However, it may be available in a few countries only

3. Disable YouTube Shorts by Uninstalling the Updates

This concept of shorts was never there from the beginning on YouTube. It was launched in the late 2020s. So, if you miss the old YouTube, you can simply go on with this method. 

Here is how you can do it:

1. Open the Settings app of your device. 

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

2. Scroll and find the App section.

3. Tap on Manage Apps.

4. There scroll or search for YouTube.

5. On the bottom center, tap on Uninstall Updates and confirm Ok.

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

And you are good to go.

Now you will enjoy the older version of the YouTube app. 

4. Go For YouTube Vanced

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

You can go for YouTube Vanced. If it is not in your knowledge, YouTube Vanced is an app that is very like the premium version of YouTube but for free. Using YouTube Vanced can provide you with many more premium services like blocked ads, stories, and other interruptions. 

1. Open any browser and download YouTube Vanced.

2. Install and complete its setup process. 

3. After installation, Go to the settings of the app and opt out of shorts. 

NOTE: YouTube Vanced may be banned in some countries. Make sure to check if it is legal in your region or country.    

5. Use YouTube Website

 How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

Using the YouTube website is another easiest method to escape from YouTube Shorts. Currently, the website of YouTube is free from the feature Shorts. You need to do the bare minimum by just opening any browser you use. There you have to go to the official site of YouTube. YouTube sites can also be easily used on Desktops and PCs. 

Watch How to Disable YouTube Shorts

How To Remove Shorts From YouTube (Shorts Tab) | Disable YouTube Shorts Tab

Wrapping Up

YouTube has a very large user scale, and among such a larger scale, it would be very natural to have a mass of certain people who just don’t want to watch short videos. This Article has given the easiest guide on How to disable YouTube Shorts. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries related to this topic, leave a comment below. To read more such information, Visit our website, Path of EX. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable YouTube Shorts? 

To enable YouTube Shorts, you should immediately install the updated version of the app. As you finish installing, open the app, and shorts will appear on your screen. You can also try clearing the cache of the app. 

Can I block all YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts can be removed by changing the settings in the YouTube app. You can remove shorts from your YouTube, as the option to block YouTube Shorts does not appear anywhere. 

How do you filter Shorts on YouTube?

To Filter Shorts on YouTube, you can use hashtags for the video. Mostly Shorts do have hashtags in their caption. It will definitely filter out the Shorts according to the hashtag you searched.

How do I delete all my Shorts from YouTube history?

To delete all your Shorts from YouTube history, you need to open your YouTube history. Click on the option of Remove from watch history appearing there. You can also choose the option to Clear Watch History, and the whole watch history will be cleared.

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