How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

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Amazon is a pioneer in cloud computing and e-commerce globally. We all know that. Amazon runs an online store with a huge selection of goods, largely from other retailers, including toys, electronics, clothing, furniture, and food. Additionally, do you also want to know how to delete your Amazon seller account? Then let me tell you. You have landed at the right place. It also provides streaming services for music and video. A wide range of clients’ online applications is hosted on Amazon’s cloud services platform.

Amazon doesn’t differentiate if you’re a small seller or a household name with a well-known product line, you may still sell on Amazon as a third-party vendor. Based on their anticipated selling behaviors and other crucial characteristics, Amazon provides third-party sellers a choice between two alternative programs (individual or professional).

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Small businesses can also store their stuff at Amazon’s huge warehouses if they run through them. By using this method instead of storing your products in your basement or paying for storage, you can save a lot of money. Your sales will likely increase if you can attract Amazon Prime customers, who tend to do most of their shopping online.

How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 

How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022; How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

Amazon selling isn’t for everyone. Some people might be switching to more lucrative occupations or have decided to completely quit selling on Amazon. You’ll undoubtedly see some charges from time to time as far as your Amazon seller account is in use. It would probably be preferable to cancel your account if you’ve made the decision not to sell anymore.

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The steps for deleting an Amazon seller account are as follows:

1. Taking Down Your Listings

Taking Down Your Listings; How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

Without completely ceasing your business operations, you cannot remove your account. To ensure that you are not making any further sales on Amazon, you must remove all of your listings.

You cannot close your account if you still making sales. You need to process returns even if your postings are dormant. Your listings will be removed permanently once all the returns have been processed.

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2. Complete Any Orders

Before canceling your account, all orders that are still pending must be fulfilled. Since orders from other Amazon sellers are frequently unfulfilled, this obligation lasts until your last transaction. Check your listings again after fulfilling any outstanding orders to ensure that you don’t receive any more.

3. Zero Balance

Zero Balance; How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

Your Amazon account cannot be completely deleted until it is zeroed out. If Amazon still owes you money, you’ll probably get it in the next two weeks.

Before your account gets terminated, if you owe Amazon payment, you should settle it. This is especially important for beginning sellers.

New traders frequently don’t have any sales recorded on their account, thus they must pay for whatever programs they opted for as well as any associated fees. You must do this to avoid further recurring charges and account closure restrictions.

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4. Return or Get Rid of the Inventory

 Return or Get Rid of the Inventory; How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

You must submit a request to have your products returned to you or discarded by Amazon if you utilize FBA for your Amazon business. One last step is to make sure there is no merchandise left in Amazon’s warehouses. On Amazon, you may view the removal procedure here.

Before you delete your Amazon account, you must also do the following:

  • Resolve every buyer transaction.
  • To get your final settlement from Amazon, make sure your bank information is accurate.
  • Fix any performance notice issues, such as deactivations or suspensions.

These are the steps that you can use for understanding how To delete Amazon Seller account.

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How Can You Close Your Amazon Seller Account?

How Can You Close Your Amazon Seller Account?; How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

For closing the Amazon seller account follow these steps below and you are done.

  1. Sign in to Seller Central page to close your Amazon seller account.
  2. Click on settings and then account details once you’re in Seller Central.
  3. You will find an account management box in the bottom right corner of the account information page.

To close your Amazon seller account, click. A new pop-up page will appear and ask you if you want to downgrade to an individual plan, close your account in one marketplace, or all of them.

Depending on the account type you have, this pop-up page can seem different. This is what appears because my account is a professional seller.

To proceed, you should select Request account closure. You will then be prompted to give a reason for wanting to close the account. You can provide a succinct justification before closing the account. You will get an email from Amazon once you’ve avoided all of the automated steps for terminating your Amazon seller account.

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Your seller account has now been closed, and Amazon will inform you of any additional steps you need to take in the email. You’re done selling on Amazon at this time. This will take a while to fix a problem like Amazon keeping money. You can mail Amazon seller support or open a case in Seller Central. Now you know the difference between how to close Amazon seller account and how To delete Amazon Seller account.

How Much Time Does it Take to Close an Amazon Seller Account?

An Amazon seller account can be closed in 5-7 business days. The Amazon marketplace may require up to 36 hours to remove all of your listings. Some product listings have been deleted: This choice can be appropriate for you if you have items that you are no longer source or if you want to permanently alter a certain title.

Can I Delete my Seller Account on Amazon And Create a New One?

Can I Delete my Seller Account on Amazon And Create a New One?; How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

If your old account is still in good standing, you’ll need the seller’s assistance to close it and open a new one. They won’t let you open a new account if your current one is unstable. I think it’s better to think wisely before taking the step how To delete Amazon Seller account.

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What Defines a Close Listing From a Delete Listing?

A listing can be closed or deleted, and the differences are minor yet clear. It’s similar to freezing an asset to close a listing. When it is not frozen, sellers can use it later. On the other hand, removing a listing from your inventory makes it permanent. This defines closing and the minor difference between how To delete Amazon Seller account listing.

Why am I Unable to Close my Amazon Seller Account?

You cannot close your account if there have been any processed sales or payments within the last 90 days. The account is virtually inactive because no recent sales have been processed.

What are the Other Options to Consider Before Cancelling Your Amazon Seller Account?

You might be itching to deactivate your account right now if you’re sick of either the Amazon selling business or the monthly fees.

However, considering that even during the financially challenging COVID pandemic, Amazon attracted the most online visitors globally, it could be a good idea to reconsider closing your Amazon store.

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Furthermore, it would be hard to restart or reestablish your Amazon seller account if you closed it. You will no longer have access to any of your previous sales data or transactions after canceling your account, and you won’t be able to contact buyers either. Do you still want to know how To delete Amazon Seller account?

Before closing your Amazon seller account, you might want to think about some of the following alternatives:

1. Going on The Holiday Mode

Going on The Holiday Mode; How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

The product listings for Amazon seller accounts that are in vacation mode are hidden.

As a result, customers won’t be able to see your goods even though you still have them listed for sale in your inventory. Vacation Mode is comparable to Amazon pausing your company’s operations.

If you’re feeling down because of work burnout, that’s a great short-term fix.

2. Switching to a Cheaper Seller Account

The monthly subscription price for Amazon sellers might be painful at times.

Unbelievably, there is a way to end that suffering without terminating your seller account.

Simply downgrade your account to the free Individual Seller plan if you currently have a Professional Selling account.

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3. Deleting Certain Product Listings

Deleting Certain Product Listings; How To Delete Amazon Seller Account In 2022 How? When? Full Details Here

Are certain items in your stock not selling as well as you had hoped?

There are several causes for this issue, some of which include subpar listing optimization, negative customer feedback, or low product demand. When the underperforming listings can be simply deleted, why “shut the entire store”?

These were the few alternatives before thinking about how To delete Amazon Seller account.

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Wrapping Up

So that’s it in this article. The next time you start to lose interest in selling on Amazon, stop and consider your alternatives by reading this article’s other sections to be sure you can pause without deleting your seller account.

To learn closely how to delete your Amazon seller account, you can, however, refer back to this tutorial whenever you feel that your engagement with Amazon is not going well. I hope now you know how to delete Amazon seller account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I completely delete my Amazon listing?

Please follow these steps to remove a listing:
1. Click  Manage Inventory under Inventory.
2. For the SKU you want to remove, select Edit from the list on the far right side.
3. From the drop-down list, choose Delete Product and Listing.
4. To confirm the deletion or undo it, click OK or Cancel.

2. How many sellers are there on Amazon?

Over 1.9 million selling partners and over 300 million active customer accounts are held by Amazon globally. The B2B e-commerce channel Amazon Business has more than 1 million global customer accounts, 150,000+ vendors, and more than $10 billion in worldwide annual sales.

Can I have two seller accounts on Amazon?

The selling guidelines on Amazon forbid the use of multiple seller accounts. You may, however, open a second account if you have a valid business reason, but it must be maintained separately.


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