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Ready with your Gamer Face? Perfect. Before heading over with this article, rate your frustration level while scrolling through your old message history out of 10. Because this will be your last memory with the overloaded messages, indeed. Following are the ways to delete all your messages in Discord. Read along and thank me later.

Not that you ask but here is a friendly concern from your Path of EX. You must also configure your own read only channel in order to feed your mind with some peace. Obviously, who will be fond of continuous notifications. Just follow the 5 easy steps to create your own read only channel

Moving on, we have mentioned a wholesome of easy methods that can help you in deleting your either direct messages or channel messages in Discord. Continue to read and you will not be disappointed, I promise. 

Ways to Delete Direct Messages in Discord

Before you ditch the Discord and head over to Instagram, I must inform you that all your secret conversations are absolutely safe. Just open your Discord and follow the below-mentioned steps to delete your direct messages in Discord:

1. Right-click on the username of the person you had your conversation with. 

2. Tap on the Message

Delete messages in Discord

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3. On the left sidebar of your screen, there will be a Direct Message panel. Move your cursor over the conversation and tap on the X

Delete messages in Discord

4. While you click on the X, make sure that you do it wisely because this might delete your conversation forever. 

However, if you wish to delete your channel messages, continue to read and we will introduce you to a whole easy to do so manually, using a Discord Bot, or by cloning the channel. Plan your netflix schedule for today because this is surely going to save your time. You can always take reference concerning what you want to binge today by heading on to the best Netflix Original Sci-Fi shows ever .  

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Ways to Delete Channel Messages in Discord

There are three ways in total to delete Channel Messages in Discord. Finish reading to know how you can work on that manually, using a Discord Bot, or cloning the channel. 

Method 1: Manually Deleting the Channel Messages

1. Click on the text channel that includes the message you want to delete. 

2. Hover your pointer over the text message till you see the three-dot symbol on its right-hence-side. Tap the symbol and click Delete from the popped out menu bar. 

Delete messages in Discord

3. Further, as the screen flash will ask for you confirmation, Tap Delete

Manual method to delete messages from your particular channel works perfectly fine when you wish to delete a single message. However, you must use the following methods for your bulk messages.  

Method 2: Deleting the Channel Messages Via Discord Bot

As per the popular opinion, you must install the MEE6 bot to delete your bulk messages from a channel. Open your Discord and have a go at the following steps:

Installing MEE6 bot in your Discord

1. Open the MEE6 site

2. Click Add to Discord

Delete messages in Discord

3. Tap on the server that suits you the most and further, click Continue.

Delete messages in Discord

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4. As your MEE6 bot will be linked to the Discord server, grant the permission rights by clicking the Authorize bar. 

Delete messages in Discord

5. Check the box flashing ‘ I’m not a Robot ’ and follow the further prompts to verify your identity. 

Delete Channel Messages Using MEE6 bot 

Type the following commands in order to delete a specific number of messages. 

1. Type ‘!clear @username’ to delete the last100 messages

2. Type ‘!clear 500’ to delete the last 500 messages

You can always update the number in order to delete a specific number of messages, till 1000. Special Info: If the command isn’t working well for you, head over to the MEE6 website and switch on the Moderator to enable the function. This will allow you the smooth way to work with your command. 

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Method 3: Clone the Channel to Delete the Channel Messages 

If in case the MEE6 bot is not being much smooth to you, this is your final call. Clone the Channel allows you to create a replica of your original channel without the previous message history of your channel. 

Take a Note: List down the number of boats you have on the channel because that might not be copied over to your new channel. 

1. Hover over to the channel you want to clone and right click. Click Clone Channel

Delete messages in Discord

2. Fill in the name of your cloned channel. 

3. Discard your old channel and add all the bots you wish to own.

Delete messages in Discord

Cloning is the perfect way to discard all your message history. You do not need to add the users all over again because cloning does that anyway after seeking everyone’s permission. 

Wrapping Up

Now that I have helped you from drowning with the bundle of messages, what are you giving me in return? I don’t mind a thankyou post on Snapchat with a quirky emoji. To know what emoji suits the best for the same, learn the hidden meaning in every emoji

Anyways, I hope you got a better hold of how to delete messages on Discord. Feel free to drop any kind of confusion or suggestion in the comment box below. 

See You Soon!


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