How to Defeat Legion: Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2 | Tips & Strategies

Legion: Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2

The Twisted Chantry is a secret location found in the Yaesha region of Remnant 2, where you can find the Legion Boss. But how do you defeat Legion: Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2

To access Twisted Chantry, you must locate a hidden switch within the Wailing Wood dungeon, which will open a door leading to the portal. Corrupted Portals is one of the most looked-up map locations in the game.

Read on to know what to do next to access this region and beat the Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2 to gain awesome rewards! Comment for suggestions, feedback, and queries!

Who is Legion: the Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2?

Who is Legion: the Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2?

Legion is one of the most challenging early-game bosses in Remnant 2. Players encounter this powerful foe within the Twisted Chantry Dungeon in Yaesha. To emerge victorious, you must understand Legion’s move sets and come prepared with potent weaponry.

Here are some abilities of Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2:

  1. Summons a horde of Root Enemies.
  2. Produces damage-causing shockwaves.
  3. Fires an energy beam with high damage potential.
  4. Inflicts the status effect of Madness, dealing gradual damage over time.

How to Defeat Legion: A Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2?

Defeating the Twisted Chantry Boss Legion requires careful preparation and execution. To increase your chances of success, consider the following strategies.

Strategies to Defeat Legion: A Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2:

  1. Look Out For Projectile Attacks: Keep an eye on the red orbs that move toward you. Seek cover behind improvised pillars on the platform to the right to minimize their damage.
  2. Use A Ranged Weapon: Due to Legion’s floating nature, using melee weapons can be challenging. Employ a ranged weapon to fight the boss from a distance and protect yourself from its attacks.
  3. Avoid The Shockwave: When Legion unleashes shockwaves throughout the arena, time your dodge roll carefully to avoid taking damage.
  4. Focus On The Glowing Orbs: The glowing orbs are Legion’s weak points. Direct your firepower toward these orbs to deal significant damage to the boss.

Tips to Defeat Legion in Remnant 2

The madness-inflicting phase is both Legion’s most deadly power and its most significant weakness. If you can endure the damage caused by Madness, you can target the glowing sections to deal substantial damage to the boss. To approach the boss closely without getting hurt, aim for the bright ring encircling its throne.

High DPS ranged weapons are most effective against Legion. Attempting to strike the flying orbs with melee weapons is difficult, so utilizing ranged weaponry is recommended.

Wrapping Up

Legion is the most challenging Twisted Chantry Boss in Remnant 2. However, with patience, skill, and the right strategy, it is possible to defeat this formidable foe and claim its rewarding spoils. Remember to utilize ranged weapons, target the glowing orbs, and dodge their devastating shockwaves. With these tactics, victory over Legion awaits you in the twisted depths of Remnant 2.

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