How to Create Quick Outlines for Essay Prep

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We cannot create an essay without first sketching out a plan. Alright!! Fine, we can only if we don’t mind receiving a low grade. Those who want to write an A+ paper, on the other hand, should make an essay outline and gather their research in one location before starting to write.

What is an Essay Outline?

An essay outline, as you may have figured, is a brief outline of your research work. To ensure that you don’t overlook anything when writing, put out the primary topic of your essay and organize all arguments into paragraphs.

You can, in fact, write an essay without using an outline. However, doing so will be difficult. Outlining is an important component of the process of writing that all authors use to impress their readers.

Here are some reasons why you should use an essay outline:

  • It will assist you in organizing your thoughts: when researching material for your essay, you will come across a lot of information that is difficult to recall.
  • You’ll be able to decipher the flow of information and structure it appropriately.
  • Because you’ll have a prepared manuscript of your paper, you won’t miss anything while composing your essay.

How to Make an Outline for an Essay

While there are many different forms of college essays, most of them have a five-paragraph framework. Because each essay requires an Introduction, Body (argument-filled paragraphs), and Conclusion, a typical framework for your essay outline will incorporate all of these elements.

Keep them in mind when you outline your essay so you don’t forget any arguments, evidence, or examples.

Even many UK dissertation writing services follow these outlines to get their work properly done. So, let’s get started!

An Essay’s Major Components

Include all of these in your essay outline:

  • Introduction: Your essay’s topic and the thesis will be mentioned here. As you may be aware, essays cannot exist without a thesis statement; therefore, including a thesis statement in the outline will assist you in defending it in each paragraph of your essay body.
  • Body Paragraphs: The body of your essay will have at least three paragraphs, so make damn sure to include this one in the outline. Write a subject sentence with an argument related to your thesis for each paragraph, along with all the evidence you’ll use to substantiate the topic sentence of this paragraph: statistics, facts, examples, and other proof.
  • Conclusion: Here’s where you’ll put the finishing touches on your paper. Reiterate your thesis and the purpose of your paper.

How to Create an Outline: A Step-by-Step Guide

The procedure itself is usually the sole thing that bothers individuals inquiring how to write an outline for an essay. Students realize that an essay outline must include all of their future paper’s important ideas and arguments, but many still find it difficult to write.

Professors may also request that you present an essay outline for review. That is why the ability to plan your papers will be useful in any case.

You’ll have to understand what to do before planning, what essay outline structure to use for your writing, as well as how to arrange your outline so that it’s as instructive as possible if you want to master the secrets of good outline writing. However, I do not have to worry about all of this when pay someone to write my dissertation UK, I can sit back and relax!

Before you start outlining, there are a few things you should do.

  • First, attentively read your writing assignment. Make sure you know what kind of essay you need to write, however many arguments you can use (unless where specified), and how lengthy your essay should be.
  • “What is the objective of your essay?” asks the query. Do you aim to inform, convince, or simply entertain your readers? You’ll understand what thesis to explore, what writing approaches to employ, and how to represent research in your essay based on the aim.
  • You’ll know what arguments may function for your essay based on that. It will also assist you in deciding which research sites to use and which evidence to employ for your claims. To obtain references for your essay, use credible sources like Google Scholar or Oxford Academic; make a list of them to include in your outline.
  • Decide what topic phrases to be included in your essay’s outline by stating your thesis. A thesis should be debatable and have enough facts to entice readers to become emotionally invested in your writing.

General Outline Sample:
How to Create Quick Outlines for Essay Prep

Create your outline.

It’s now time to fill in the blanks on your essay plan.

  • Start by outlining your introduction for everyone else. Introduce your thesis with a statement concerning your topic. You can also include an essay hook here, which is a line that will pique the reader’s desire to read your work.
  • Outline the body of your essay: for each paragraph, compose a topic sentence, list the supporting evidence you’ll use in writing, and explain how it relates to the topic and your thesis. The more specifics you provide in your outline, the easier it would be to arrange your thoughts as you write.
  • You can also write a transition phrase for each paragraph to make structuring and banding all arguments go faster.
  • Lastly, make a plan for your essay’s conclusion. Reaffirm your thesis and compose a conclusion statement, which is a sentence that discusses the significance of your thesis and offers solutions to these problems you tackled in the essay.


There are several types of essays, and you will be required to write them all in high school and college. Persuasive, expository, and narrative essays all have the same basic structure, but minor variances distinguish their requirements and your mastery of academic writing. Understanding those distinctions and structuring your writings correctly is your chance to produce flawless work that earns you good marks (Lesley Vos, 2019).

You’ll need an essay outline to organise your thoughts and ensure you don’t miss anything while writing. You can write better and faster papers if you know how to draft an essay outline. You remember all of the essay’s components. You learn to think critically. And you improve as a writer.


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