How to Create an Instagram Avatar in 2023 | An Easy 7 Step Guide to Create a Virtual You

how to create an Instagram Avatar

Instagram is a place where you can upload pictures and videos and connect with your friends. You can even connect with people from around the world. Instagram has many great features like stories and reels that let you show your talent. Apart from that, Instagram also introduces new features every now and then. Recently, it introduced the Avatars features. In this article, I will tell you how to create an Instagram avatar.

Instagram’s parent company Facebook has many great plans for the future. One of them being the Metaverse- an alternate reality. Avatars are just the beginning of this future. As of now, these avatars are only used in stories and messaging but Meta has big plans for them. You can sync your avatars across Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

If you are interested in creating an avatar and don’t know how to do it, don’t worry! Scroll down to read a step-by-step guide on how to create an avatar.

How to Create an Instagram Avatar?

Avatars are the new way to introduce yourself. They are the virtual you! In some years they may be the identity you use everywhere. So, here is how you can create an Instagram avatar:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile.

Step 2: Tap on the menu icon at the top right corner.

Step 3: Click on Settings.

Step 4: Select Account.

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Step 5: Select Avatars.

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Step 6: Create an Avatar by clicking on Get Started.

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Step 7: Customize your Avatar to look like you. You can start by selecting your skin tone. Then customize your hair, hair color, eye, eye makeup, clothes, and so much more. Follow this onscreen guide to set your own Avatar:

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Select Your Skin Tone

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Select Your Hairstyle and Color

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Select Your Eye Shape and Makeup

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Select Your Eyewear

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Select Your Lip Color

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Select Your Outfit

Note: I have listed only some of the options here. You get so much to choose from. The sky is the limit, my friend!

How to Sync Your Instagram Avatar Across Facebook and Messenger?

Once you have created your Instagram Avatar, you can sync it across the Facebook and Messenger platform. This way you can use your virtual personality on three different platforms.

Follow these steps to sync your Instagram Avatar on different platforms:

Step 1: Create your Instagram Avatar.

Step 2: You will see your Avatar on the screen.

How to create an Instagram Avatar?

Step 3: Click on Next button below your Avatar.

Step 4: Instagram will ask you to sync your profiles. Click on Sync Profile Info.

Voila! Your profiles are linked! Now you can use your Avatar on different platforms. Use your Avatar’s stickers and add some color and joy to your profiles.

What are Instagram Avatars?

“Avatars are a key building block for the future of personal identity in the metaverse.” – Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram.

Have you ever used a Bitmoji? Yes!? Then you will easily understand what are Instagram Avatars. An Instagram avatar is your perceived 3D online persona. It is customizable and you can edit it to look like you. To state it simply, Instagram avatars are a mini online version of you!

You can make your Avatar look exactly like you. You can also style them to look the way you’ve always wanted to look. You get the option of customizing everything about your Avatar. It is up to you how you want to style their hair, clothes, expressions, and so much more. You can also decide their mood and expressions.

Instagram Avatars and Metaverse

Well if your thought think that alternate digital realities are meant for sci-fi films only, Meta is here to prove you wrong! Metaverse is a grand dream. It is going to be a virtual place where people can interact with each other. However not everyone can access a VR headset. To overcome this problem, Meta has brought in 3D avatars.

These avatars are going to be your virtual identity. They are a mini virtual you! Avatars are functional virtual identities. You can customize them and make them look like you. Right now, you can only use your avatars in stories and messages but who knows what the future holds!

These 3D Avatars are just the start of a whole new alternate virtual reality! However the Twitter bandwagon thinks that these avatars are not so great. There are a lot of chances for improvement. Let’s see if Instagram will listen to them and make some changes.

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this article, I have told you about how to create an Instagram avatar. This avatar is the first step towards an alternate future. A future that I hope is different from those sci-fi movies! Jokes apart, Avatars are just the beginning of the metaverse. So, put your best foot forward and create an amazing avatar. After all, it’s going to represent you!

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