How to Cope with Academic Burnout?

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Burnout is a condition of mental, physical or emotional exhaustion. It occurs when a person gets too much stress or frustration with no chance to relax and recharge. Academic burnout is a serious issue that is linked to low academic performance (Lin, Shu-Hui, and Yun-Chen Huang, 2014).

However, sometimes, it is good for the students because this stress or frustration sometimes leads to huge benefits like students becoming motivated and working properly on their goals, but when this stress becomes limited, then it is too dangerous for mental and physical health as well.

How to Identify a Person Having Academic Burnout

Not everyone finds this problem among themselves, but others easily find it.


Have you ever heard about yourself that you have become changed, or you have been short-tempered? Sometimes, people tell you about these your problems, but most people won’t listen to them. However, that doesn’t mean you should always believe in others, but at least listen to them and observe your own nature.

Some of the common symptoms of burnout include a general feeling of being unable to keep up. Less motivated. You think you have a lot of work to complete, you think you have a lot of assignments to complete. Later such thinking will not let you sleep. You will always feel irritated. These are the clear signs of a workout.

What Causes Academic Burnout?

Academic burnout can be caused by many factors, but all the factors contribute to stress. So, here are some aspects that cause academic burnout.

1. Work Overload

In a student’s life, there is always stress and the reason for the overload of work including assignments, essays, projects, exams, etc. sometimes, students become able to manage all this workload, but when there are some tasks like dissertation that can’t be managed easily. Although, some students try to manage it by handing over to any online dissertation writing services while others feel anxious that causes academic burnout.

2. Neglecting the Entire Life

When a student gets a bunch of assignments, then he/she only thinks about how it is going to complete and forgets all other things. Therefore, to complete all these assignments students forget to give time to themselves, cancel all their plans, and don’t even feel relaxed. This is the main reason to cause academic burnout.

3. Career Problems

Every student tries to get into the best institute so that he/she can secure their career. However, most of the students successfully get into the best institute, but that doesn’t mean they don’t cause any kind of academic burnout.

It happens to almost every student because every student becomes worried when they start thinking about their career and sometimes this stress leads to academic burnout.

4. Financial Stresses

You may recall the COVID-19 situation, in which nearly all businesses, pubs, restaurants, schools, and other establishments closed, causing many students to lose their jobs. This entails a complete loss of revenue. Most students rely on their part-time employment to supplement their income, but when that income disappears, it causes a lot of worry for them.

However, there are also many other reasons that cause but the above are the most common reasons that cause academic burnout among students. Here the question is, is there any possibility to overcome this problem?  The answer is yes, so below take a look…

How to Prevent Academic Burnout

1. Try to Understand the Reason for being Stressed

However, in a student’s life, it is very difficult to identify the reason for being stressed because students get a bunch of tasks in a day and getting huge tasks in a day is itself stress. This is the reason, students blame teachers for their stress, rather than working on themselves.

However, students can make it easy for them by not just personifying their tutors, but understanding their tutors as their helpers and can go to them and ask them for help. Almost every teacher wants the best for their students. This is the reason; they assign several tasks in a day. So, students can be able to learn something.

2. Do some Extracurricular Activities

A student’s life is not only limited to studies. They have also the authority to do some extra activities in which they feel good and relaxed. These activities help them to stay healthy and fit; also they enhance their skills in a well manner.

Therefore, students are always urged to do some extracurricular activities. It will help them to prevent academic burnout.

3. Get Organized

Another way to recover from academic burnout is by organizing life in which you have to organize your life in a perfect manner by making a schedule for daily, weekly or monthly activities. it helps to keep things proceeding in an organized manner which ultimately achieves the desired objective in given time  (HWD, 2022) and always remind you whether you are able to do other work or not.  

Making a schedule does not mean, it should be only for academic activities. You have to make a schedule of your daily activities whether they are academic or non-academic.

4. Take Breaks

Have you ever heard about the nap? Well, a nap can be considered as a small part of sleep in which a person will have to take a little sleep while studying or doing anything. it could be 15 to 20 minutes.

Here, in this case, there should also be a break which is something like a nap in which a student should take a break after every 1 or 2 hours of studying. It will keep their mind fresh and will make them motivated. In such a way, students can be able to focus properly.

5. Get Proper Sleep

Sleeping is the cure for many problems no matter they are related to academics or not. This is one of the best factors that can prevent academic burnout. It makes your body fully refreshed and you will be able to face the challenges. Therefore, it is very important to get enough sleep which should be at least 8 hours.

6. Ask for Help

Have you ever seen any searching for “Pay Someone to Do My Dissertation”? Well, dissertation is a task in which students always need help. It’s up to students what type of sources they are using. Sometimes, they can’t find anything relevant on the internet and start getting worried. However, there are many other solutions rather than worrying. They can ask for help from anyone including tutor, friend or any mentor, etc.

Final thoughts

Academic burnout is a real condition that is possible to self-treat by taking right precautions. Therefore, try to look at yourself properly to avoid academic burnout. Don’t ever feel shy to share something that you feel it is dangerous for yourself and always professional help if you can’t overcome your academic burnout. 

Well, this article will help you a lot to know whether you are a victim of academic burnout or not and it will also provide you some ideas through which you can easily overcome the academic burnout.


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