How to Conquer Root Earth in Remnant 2: Defeat the Guardian

Root Earth in Remnant 2

Root Earth introduces you to an epic world in Remnant 2. In this article, we will reveal how to reach Root Earth and, further, how to conquer Root Earth in Remnant 2. Go on and learn what you can expect here, in this world. Let’s dig in!

Remnant 2 introduces players to a thrilling battle against the Root, a cosmic evil capable of annihilating entire worlds. To survive and succeed, you’ll venture through various realms, wielding weapons, skills, and allies. Among the challenges lies Root Earth, the ultimate and most treacherous globe in Remnant 2.

Only the Root thrives here, creating a nightmarish and chaotic atmosphere. To reach this ominous place, you must first conquer the three preceding planets and defeat the Guardian of the Labyrinth. Delve deeper to unveil the secrets of Root Earth in Remnant 2.

What is Root Earth in Remnant 2?

How to Conquer Root Earth in Remnant 2: Defeat the Guardian

Root Earth is the final world in Remnant 2, representing the ultimate challenge in confronting the origin of the root invasion. Bereft of trees and loneliness, this desolate planet has fallen victim to the Roots, twisting the landscape into a nightmarish hellscape. Your journey to discover the Root’s purpose and origin will lead you through the ruins of civilization, where hordes of Root enemies await your arrival.

How to Reach Root Earth in Remnant 2?

Before reaching Root Earth, you must successfully navigate through three distinct worlds: N’Erud, Losomn, and Yaesha. Each world boasts a unique storyline, events, bosses, and hidden secrets that you can explore in any order. After completing each world, you’ll find yourself in the Labyrinth, a mysterious dimension connecting all realms. Eventually, you’ll encounter a powerful guardian protecting the entrance to Root Earth.

To unlock the portal and gain access to Root Earth, you must conquer this formidable Guardian.

How to Conquer Root Earth in Remnant 2 | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Conquer Root Earth in Remnant 2: Defeat the Guardian

The Guardian, a colossal creature resembling a tree with a glowing core and multiple limbs, stands as the formidable defender of the portal to Root Earth within the Labyrinth. Its arsenal includes lasers, projectiles, and shockwaves, making the battle challenging. To emerge victorious, follow these strategic steps.

Steps to Conquer Root Earth in Remnant 2:

  1. Target the Glowing Weakness: Aim for the incandescent center in its breast, the Guardian’s weak spot. Utilize powerful weapons or mods with high damage output and rapid-fire rates. Avoid weapons with limited accuracy or sluggish reload speeds.
  2. Dodge the Lasers: The Guardian fires lasers from its limbs in a circular pattern. Time your dodges precisely to avoid being hit. Alternatively, seek cover, but be cautious not to get cornered.
  3. Avoid the Projectiles: Sidestep the missiles launched from its mouth, as they explode on impact and cause splash damage. Stay on the move and maintain distance to evade these projectiles. However, be mindful that diverting your attention from the core may prove detrimental.
  4. Watch for Shockwave Slams: The Guardian creates shockwaves by smashing its limbs on the ground. Leap over or duck to the side to avoid being knocked back. Consider using mods that offer tolerance or resistance to knockback effects.
  5. Manage Stamina and Health: The Guardian can deal substantial damage rapidly. Keep an eye on your energy and health bars, regularly using consumables to boost health or protection. Efficiently manage your stamina for evading and maneuvering.

What to Expect on Root Earth in Remnant 2?

As you step onto Root Earth, expect a dark and gloomy atmosphere with a red sky, ash-covered ground, and twisted metal structures. The planet teems with various Root enemies, including Crawlers, Spotters, Slashers, Brutes, and more. Amidst the chaos, you might encounter friendly NPCs such as Wallace, a mysterious psychic unlocking new archetypes, or Reggie, a scavenger offering helpful items.

Root Earth hides many secrets, such as hidden chests, ancient devices, rare enemies, or formidable bosses, which can significantly impact your journey. Your adventure culminates in a final boss battle that will test your abilities and resolve as you confront the very heart of the Root invasion, determining the fate of reality.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Remnant 2’s thrilling narrative centers on Root Earth, where you face the source of the Root menace and shape the outcome of your adventure. Navigating through twisted metal structures, battling diverse Root foes, and unearthing the history and intentions of the Root add depth and excitement to the gameplay. Prepare for a gripping expedition into the heart of darkness as you confront the cosmic evil-threatening existence. May your wits and courage lead you to triumph!

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