How To Change Number On TikTok Without Old Number in 2023

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Shivangi Gupta
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We know that TikTok is a popular social media platform among youngsters. It introduces new features and trends now and then, which instantly become popular within no time. Like other social media platforms, sometimes you may forget your credential while logging in, which may pose a problem. So, do you have any idea about how to change number on Tiktok without old number. Hence, I thought of sharing it with you in the article below.

Many trends are coming on TikTok, and they go viral within some hours. The platforms have also worked to enhance their features for their users. They have provided opportunities for their content creators to make a living. But all enhancements come with their share of problems.

Coming across such problems on social media platforms is common and nothing to be anxious about. Most of you might have faced the thing earlier also. If not, refer to our article to know how to proceed with the process. 

How To Change Number On Tiktok Without Old Number?

It is possible to change your numbers on TikTok without changing your old number. You only have to follow some simple rules, and your number will be changed on your TikTok profile. You will have to fill out the feedback form when you lose your number or cannot use it to recover your TikTok account. Hence, to do the same, please refer to the details below. 

1. Launch TikTok.

2. Visit the feedback page. 

feedback form of tiktok; How To Change Number On TikTok Without Old Number in 2022

3. Share all the details on your feedback page describing the issue.

4. Click on submit at the bottom of the page. 

submit your feedback form on tiktok

Note: You will get your reply from the TikTok support team within 3 to 5 working days. If you do not get any reply, you must create a new TikTok account. 

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How to Change Number on TikTok Without Old Number?

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Wrapping Up

I hope the information helped you understand how to change numbers on Tiktok without an old number. You can also refer to a similar article on our website, Path of EX, regarding TikTok and other social media platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Change Number On Tiktok Without Old Number?

If you have lost your number or can not remember it, then you have to follow some simple steps and share your problem with the TikTok support team to solve the problem.

Can I remove my number from TikTok?

You can remove your number from TikTok by informing the TikTok support team and following a few simple steps. 

Can I change my email account on TikTok without verification?

If you want to change your email id on TikTok, you must go through the platform’s verification process, which is quite strict about privacy and security policy. So, it is impossible to change your email account without verification. 


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