28+ Interesting Ideas on How to Celebrate New Year at Home

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2021 is just a few hours away!!!!!

You must be feeling bored at home sitting alone and waiting for the moment to come. After all, unlike any other new year eves, we cannot go out of our homes and celebrate. All thanks to the ongoing corona pandemic. No one knows how long we have to stay in houses.

But staying at home doesn’t mean that you have to spend the night in a boring way. What if you cannot go out, you can still make it rock. Leave everything and know how to celebrate new year at home in 2021.

How to celebrate new year at home alone:

Here are some interesting ideas on how to celebrate new year at home. Try among these to welcome the new year at home:

Go solo

If you cannot go to your friend’s place and want to know how to celebrate new year at home alone, then you can try these ideas:

Get ready

Who says that you can not dress up if you are at home on the new year eve?


Like every new year’s eve, wear makeup, select the dress, dress up and click a lot of pictures. Upload the pictures on Instagram. It’s time to show your unique way to people and rule the world by staying in your home.

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Be creative

How long does it take to reorganize your home?

It is understood that you dropped the idea because of a lot of reasons.

Not now. New year’s eve is the perfect moment to take out time for your house.

This might sound like a battle for you. But hold on!!! There is no need to panic… As how much change you want depends on you. Either you can go for a wall or a living room it’s your choice.

It can be as simple as hanging new photographs on the wall or rearranging the direction of the sofa.

Even clearing the trash is also an option.

Movie marathon

Movie marathon

The workload has increased because of working from home in 2020. All this work has made us busy. There is hardly any room for entertainment.

Do you agree with this?

Well, if yes, then New Year Eve is the time to take a pause. Make a list of the best entertaining movies or web series of 2020 that you missed.

But before starting the marathon, remember to grab drinks, snacks like popcorn and get into a warm blanket. Now you are all set to watch your favourite movies without a break.

Read all night

On the final day of 2020, you can spend the night just by sleeping. But if you are here to search for how you can celebrate it, then just sleeping is not a good choice.

You can select a book of any genre you like. Instead, what about completing a book that you left long ago because of work or a heavy schedule? Grab the chance and turn the boring night into a reading one.

Also, You can add a strong coffee to be awake all night. Bring on a cosy blanket or dine on the floor next to the fire. Wow!!!!

Eat a lot


This option is exclusive to foodies. So, if you are a foodie, What else can be a good option than to eat? Get everything you love either a cake, candies or chocolates.

Yes, all this will be expensive.

Here is what you can do: Instead of buying it, try hands-on baking, or prepare the food all by yourself at home. Who knows you can be the next MasterChef ?

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Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

When was the last time you took care of yourself?

You might not remember clearly. Right?

Seriously, with the thought of spending a complete night alone, the first idea that comes is to give time to yourself. You can do a complete facial routine. Just give back everything to your skin that it demands from you this new year.

Set Goals

The new year is the symbol of beginning a new journey. Setting new year resolutions will mark the start of this.

Though it is a popular tradition, yet most of the people do not set the goals. The major reason behind this is the higher rate of giving up on their goals.

But why this happens?

This happens because people usually set higher goals for them to achieve. So, before setting any goal, remember to break it into levels. Firstly set the smaller one and with the help of those small goals go for the bigger one. This way you can increase your productivity.

Go for a memory ride

What happened in 2020 was not much pleasing to all. We all stayed in our homes.

Still, on the brighter side, we got the time to spent with our close ones. And New year is the best time to take a recap of all that happened. Celebrate the whole night by reviewing the special moments.

To make it more special, you can display the pictures of those beautiful moments on the projector and enjoy them all night.

Give surprises

Wow…. Surprises!!!!

Who doesn’t love surprises?

If you want to spread a smile this new year’s eve, the easiest way is to give surprises to people.

Surprising people don’t mean to bring expensive gifts. Though you can go with those as well. But to make the surprises even more special, give them a handwritten letter. Add your emotions to the letter instead of any quotes or famous sayings.

Do it yourself

Are you someone who is interested in art and craft?

Are you someone who doesn’t want to sit idle on the new year eve?

Then, why don’t you try your hands on some creative diy’s? You can choose from a photo frame wall to a table organiser.

All you need to do is to search for some creative and easy DIYs on the web or magazines to have an idea.

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Make a Memory Jar

Make a Memory Jar

Hopefully, 2021 bring more smiles. It’s a wish that everything gets better soon so that we can enjoy more.

As it’s the last night of 2020, you can spend the night by making a memory jar.

Are you confused about what is a memory jar?

Memory Jar is a glass jar in which you can add chits. Whenever something good will happen with you in the coming year, you can write it on a chit. Then, put that chit in the jar.

You can open the jar on the last day of 2021. This will take you to the ride of 2021 by recalling the moments that gave you pleasure.

Virtual Party

You might have some friends who want to be in their home to celebrate just like you.

Why don’t you host a virtual party for them?

There is a lot of online meeting room like zoom, hangouts. You can arrange a meeting where all can meet without any worry.

Don’t forget to make the virtual party worth doing. You can try playing fun online games, recall past moments, play music, dance, and let everyone enjoy.

Celebrate the Jam

Yes, you heard it right… Celebrate the jam.

This time due to restrictions we cannot go out to see the popular new year’s celebration parties.


To your surprise, this time these events are hitting the online ground. Viola!! So, you can enjoy the ball drop event right from your home virtually. What else we can wish for?

How to celebrate New Year at home with others:

What if you have to spend new year at home. See how to celebrate New Year at home and enjoy with others around us:

Invite all for a party

We have spent most of 2020 in our homes in quarantine. The lockdown and quarantine kept us away from going out to meet people.

As new year eve is here, it’s time to bring everything back.

Yes, this time because of the pandemic, we cannot go out to beautiful destinations or clubs to celebrate. But, we can host a low-key party at home.

Call your friends, family, and close ones. Invite them to welcome the coming year with more fun at your place. Enjoy the union and thank them for being with you in your hard times.

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Decorate for 2021

It’s a party, so decoration is a must.

Simply, decorate each corner of your home.

How about converting your house walls into the club this time. Let the party vibes come into your room.

You can hang balloons from the roof, decorate the wall with creative backgrounds. Adding a photo booth or cool props can add charm to them.

Theme party

Theme party

Talking about the festivals, either be it Halloween, or Christmas, we have spent it in our home along.

Gear up now!!!

Arrange a theme party and bring the excitement again.

This can be a better way of celebration. Let you and others dress in a particular theme like 80′ retro, funky disco, or heaven to celebrate.

Say goodbye to the leaving year in style.

Mask it up

Mask is the new normal and has become the necessity of life

But here, it’s not about those masks. You might have seen those fancy eye masks. Right?

You can have fancy eye masks to cover faces at the party. Let everyone guess who is behind those masks.

Even, you can convert it into a guessing game and bring fun into the party.

Make a festive cocktail

Would it be a good party without drinks?

I don’t think so. Do you?

New year eve will only be complete if you have drinks.

You can bring about this more interesting by introducing a special festive cocktail. Choose among so much available champagne, tequila, vodka, or whiskey.


If you have decided to celebrate it with your family, you will require snacks as well.

Everyone will be awake all night, eating snacks till clock ticks 12.

But bringing snacks will be costly. A fun idea is to have an appetizer cook-off among your family members. This will be a fun clash.

Make a decadent dessert

Make a decadent dessert

Eating something sweet brings goodness and it’s New Year.

Mark the beginning of the new year with a sweet and decadent dessert.

How about a cake?

This time try baking your favorite flavored cake instead of buying it from the baker’s shop. We have known so much in 2020. Then why not end the last day of the year by learning to bake a cake of your own?

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Make it full of fun

Hosting a party is not enough. People should enjoy there as well and it’s your responsibility to make people enjoy to the fullest.

Wondering how???

It’s simple. You can play fun games like the head’s up, mystery word, or ring of fire. Just select a place in your home. Let others gather there. Play fun games and have food all night.

Jazz to the beat

Leave the regular parties with drinks only.

Why don’t you let your feet all dancing up?

Arrange a DJ or go for a portable speaker. Then, make a list of the pop party songs. Make a playlist out of those songs.

Now you are all set to enjoy the party by just being into that dancing mode.

Sparkle it all

Let everything near you sparkle.

Either your clothes or the décor, make everything glittery.

You can even make a sparkling backdrop for clicking pictures. Display all the food and essentials on a sparkling slab.


Hey, trackers!!

Do you miss tracking or going out to hills this year?

To make this moment come alive in your lawn, bring on the guitar, arrange a campfire, and indulge at the moment.

You can have your friends who can sing well. They can convert this staring night into a fun musical hangout.


No party is complete without music.

But casual music is everywhere….

How about giving karaoke a try? How so ever you sing, either good or bad, try this idea. This would add more joy to the party.

Bring on Pops

Welcome 2021 in style.

As soon as the clock ticks 12, make noise, bring on the pops, and crackle it up.

Do nothing

Are an introvert who wants to spend the night by relaxing and doing nothing?

If so, then yes you can spend the time doing nothing. Just relax, sit in a warm blanket, and scroll your social media or sleep. Giving yourself better sleep is also a better option. It will revive your mind to have a fresh start in 2021.

Hope you find the ideas on how to celebrate new year at home interesting and easy. Try among these ideas on how to celebrate new year at home. Remember to smile and enjoy.

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Team pathofex wishes you a very Happy New Year.


How to celebrate the new year at home with your partner?

Being together is a blessing and you have got it. Recall the time when you need your partner to get through the hard times.

There is no better time than New Year’s eve to thank your partner. Make them feel special, listen to them, make promises and spend quality time

Which is the best place to celebrate new year?

Well, there is no better place than home. But if you want to go out and celebrate than places like Sydney, Paris and London are the best.

What should be the best new year gift for your girl friend?

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