How to Cast HBO Max to TV? 3 Easy and Quick Ways

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You can easily cast HBO max on your smart television if you are aware of the steps to do so. You may be one of those movie lovers who remains excited to watch content on HBO Max. If you are seriously thrilled to know how to cast HBO Max tv, then you must be in touch with the Google Chromecast to entertain you with some amazing movies like Godzilla vs. Kong, Friends: The Reunion, Justice League, The Suicide Squad 2021, and much more 4K resolution content from the HBO Max.

However, we all know HBO Max is unavailable on all devices, like some smart televisions. But it’s not a big deal. You can easily watch your favorite content on HBO Max on any television if you employ a Chromecast. There is plenty of entertainment available on HBO Max, primarily exclusive series and collections from HBO.

Let us examine how to Cast HBO Max to tv. This guide will take you to three different methods to cast HBO Max on Tv.

How to Cast HBO Max to TV With Google Chromecast?

How to Cast HBO Max to Smart TV? 3 Easy and Quick Ways

It is possible to cast HBO Max movies and web series to any smart TV that supports Google Chromecast. You can also connect via streaming firestick or with a Chromecast dongle.

  1. Firstly, you must ensure your PC is connected with a WiFi connection similar to your smart TV.
  2. On your PC, go to the HBO Max website and log in with the credentials of HBO Max.
  3. Now, Start watching a movie as you usually do.
  4. Select the video player or just hover the cursor to initiate the controls.
  5. After that, just click on the Cast icon in the right corner of the bottom. It should be noted that it is also possible that the icon is not available to another web browser. So, just make sure to browse with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  6. Now, you will see a catalog of devices that will show up on the screen. Just choose the name of the device you want to cast. This will result in casting your HBO Max video on your smart TV almost instantly.
  7. Choose the new Cast icon from the menu bar of your web browser to stop Chromecasting HBO Max to your TV.
  8. To stop using Chromecast, You must choose the name of your Television or other device and click Stop casting beside it.

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How to Cast HBO Max to Smart TV Using iPhone?

How to Cast HBO Max to Smart TV? 3 Easy and Quick Ways

You can also cast HBO Max to TV using iPhone. One way you can cast your favorite content from your iPhone to the smart TV is via Airplay. You just need to make sure that both devices are connected to the simultaneous WiFi network. Following are some of the steps to perform the same actions one by one. Moreover, the HBO Max app should be installed on your iPhone.

  1. First of all, just go to Settings on your smart TV after turning it on. Keep one thing in mind your AirPlay is turned on.
  2. Now, open HBO Max on your iPhone, then sign in with your credentials to proceed.
  3. Afterward, choose the Film or Tv show as per your wish.
  4. In the top-hand corner of the window, press the AirPlay button, then choose your smart TV as such an AirPlay source.
  5. HBO Max is now accessible on smart TVs thanks to AirPlay.

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How to Cast HBO Max from Your iPhone to your Samsung TV?

How to Cast HBO Max to Smart TV? 3 Easy and Quick Ways

With the help of Airplay, you will be more likely to cast HBO Max from your iPhone to your Samsung TV.

  1. You must ensure that your iPhone and Samsung TV are connected to the exact same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Thereafter, Just turn on your AirPlay in the Samsung Smart TV’s configurations.
  3. Now it’s easy to download the HBO Max app on our smartphone, and you can watch our favorite series on our Samsung TV.
  4. Whenever you press on the display of your iPhone, the application’s options will show up.
  5. After which, click the AirPlay symbol located above the volume control at the top of the screen.
  6. The Airplay device in which you want to stream your favorite movie will be there to choose from the Airplay window.

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How to Cast HBO Max on TV?

Wrapping Up

A great variety of entertainment is available on HBO Max, primarily exclusive series and collections from HBO. Several users have almost always pondered how to cast HBO Max on TV, despite the fact that the program is only available in Latin America, the United States, Europe, and a few other countries.

This article aims to give insights on how to cast HBO Max on TV. Comment below if you were facing a similar problem, and share your thoughts on how to cast HBO Max on Tv.


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