How To Carve A Pumpkin For Halloween Season? 2 Creative Ways

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to prepare for all the festivities. Halloween is not just all scary and creepy. There is much more to the festivals. One such thing is carving a pumpkin. This is probably one of the most interesting and enjoyable traditions of Halloween. Are you ready for some artistic carving? Worry not! We are here to bring you 2 simple ways to carve a pumpkin.

If you have ever tried carving a pumpkin, you know how hard it can be! It can certainly be harder and messier than it seems, regardless of your experience. Just to avoid the mess, many people chose the easy way round. They end up with either a no-carve pumpkin or a painted pumpkin. But why do we need to compromise when we can use some tricks to make things easy!

These easy-peasy methods to crave a pumpkin will give you the Halloween of your dreams. These methods will help you to know how to hold the pumpkin and how to make the proper cut. These methods are tried and tested by experts. Your trick-or-treat season is all ready to smell good.

How To Carve A Pumpkin? Basic Steps!

Before getting into the methods, you should be aware of the basic steps for carving a pumpkin. Follow through the steps and then follow them carefully.

Material Required

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Damp Cloth
  3. Pen or Pencil
  4. Paring Knife
  5. Pumpkin Carving Tool Set
  6. Flat-Edged Ice Cream Scoop

Regardless of the methods, you will use, these are certainly the basic step that you will have to follow to carve a pumpkin.

Step 1: The first and the initial step is to choose an appropriate size and shape of the design. You can decide the shape and size depending on the design you plan to carve. If you haven’t bought a pumpkin yet, you can look for some of the best places to buy a pumpkin patch in LA.

Step 2: Once you have the pumpkin with you, the next step is to clean the pumpkin properly. You can use a damp cloth to clean and dry.

Step 3: You can cut the pumpkin from the top as well as from the bottom. However, experts recommend always cut the “lid” from the bottom. Cutting the lid from the bottom helps in the craving process later. Draw a circle with a V-shaped notch at the back.
Pro Tip: If you decide to cut the pumpkin from the bottom, then always cut the lid from an angle.

Step 4: Now that you drew the outline for the cut. It’s time to use the sharp paring knife. While making the cut, angle the blade to the center of the pumpkin. However, if you are cutting the pumpkin from the bottom, cut straight through the pumpkin.

Step 5: This is probably the most interesting and fun part while you carve a pumpkin. Scoop out all the seeds from inside the pumpkin. I know you all would prefer hands, but you can use an ice cream scoop or even a large spoon.

Method 1: Carve a Pumpkin Using Stencil!

Stenciling is one of the easiest methods to carve a pumpkin. Without any more discussion, let’s get into the steps and the materials that you would require.

Materials Required

  1. Stencil
  2. Tape
  3. Pushpins
  4. Pen or Pencil
  5. Candle
  6. Small Paring Knife

Step 1: The first step is to follow the basic carving steps. Once you have cut a lid in the pumpkin, remove all the pumpkin seeds.

Step 2: Choose a design that you want to use on the pumpkin. Print a scary Halloween printable stencil.

Step 3: Tape down the stencil to your pumpkin.

Step 4: To get the pattern on the pumpkin, you can use a pushpin to poke holes. Start poking holes according to the pattern. When you have transferred all the lines, remove the stencil.

Step 5: Use to pencil or pen to transfer the dots.

Step 6: Using a paring knife at a 90-degree angle start cutting the pattern. Make sure that this step is done under the guidance of an elder person.

Just with these simple steps you now know how to carve a pumpkin. These pumpkins with patterns will look so good as a part of your Halloween window decor item.

Method 2: How To Carve A Pumpkin Using A Cookie Cutter?

This is another super easy and fun way to carve a pumpkin. Cookie Cutter is a very common thing that everyone’s house. You might wonder how can you use a cookie cutter to carve a pumpkin. Let’s not keep you waiting and get into the process.

Material Required

  1. Cookie Cutter
  2. Hammer
  3. Serrated Knife
  4. Candle
  5. Petroleum Jelly

Step 1: The first step is to follow the basic carving steps. Once you have cut a lid in the pumpkin, remove all the pumpkin seeds.

Step 2: Put the cookie cutter on the pumpkin and firmly press with a hammer. Keep tapping the cutter until at least half of the cutter is inside the pumpkin shell.

Step 3: Remove the cookie cutter.

Step 4: With the help of a small knife, cut out the image by following the pattern. Cut the pattern all the way through the shell.

Step 5: Once you have cut through the pattern. Put one hand inside the pumpkin and push the cookie cutter from the shell.

Step 6: The last step is to place a candle inside the pumpkin and secure the bottom.

Wrapping Up

These were the two simple ways to carve a pumping for Halloween. I hope that you try these methods and make this festive season more exciting. Let us know in the comment section which method you liked the most. Also, share this article with your friends and family. Share these crazy and simple ideas with them as well. Stay connected for more such content.

Have a great day and an amazing life!


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