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Feastables! MrBeast Bar! Chocolate factory! the only words we have been hearing these days. Seriously, the whole YouTube world has been shaken by this new announcement made by MrBeast. His launch of a Feastable Chocolate brand that will sell his exclusive MrBeast Bar had made everyone excited. Genz to Millenials everyone is rushing to get their hands on this amazing Chocolate Bar. But where to find Feastable chocolates? How to buy MrBeast Bar? Don’t worry we will share all the sources with you.

From YouTubers to Fans, MrBeast Chocolate Bars have made all the individuals intrigued! While some are lost in eating organic gluten-free chocolates, others are running after the golden tickets. Well regardless of the intention, no one is getting enough of Mrbeast Feastable chocolates. They want to stock as much as they can.

MrBeast Chocolate Bar’s sales are going over the top. Within just a week of the launch, the product successfully broke many records. Even now every minute hundred of people are buying Feastable chocolates. So without wasting any more time, let’s see how and where we can buy MrBeast Feastable Chocolate Bars?

Mr. Beast Launches Feastable Chocolates

A sweet treat after the Flavorsome Burger!

We all loved MrBeast’s first business venture- MrBeast Burgers.  And now he has again tempted us with his new Chocolate brand Feastables. With his new product MrBeast Bar Chocolates, he had created a buzz among YouTubers as well as among viewers.

Where To Buy MrBeast Chocolate Bar Feastables

On 29 Jan 2022, MrBeast, AKA Jimmy Donaldson, announced the launch of Feastables, a better-for-you snacking brand rooted in gamified experiences. With this, he is setting out to build an engaging consumer brand centered around gamified experiences that bring everything MrBeast is known for online – fan engagement, games, stunts, and spectacle – to the masses.

His new Feastable Brand will sell out his exclusive line of Mr.Beast Bars available in different yummy flavors. But what created the hype was a MrBeast twist of sweepstakes. In every MrBeast Chocolate Bar, there are prizes and golden tickets hidden in the form of code.

Chocolates! And Prizes! I guess MrBeast knows just exactly which buttons to push. 

But with so much demand, the question arises where to buy MrBeast Chocolates? How can you get Feastable Chocolate Bars? Where are NrBeast Bars available? Is Walmart selling MrBeast Chocolates?

Well..Chill! Let’s answer them all-

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How To Buy MrBeast Bar Feastable Chocolates?

Wondering where you can buy MrBeast Chocolate Bars? Well, search no further. You can easily buy Feastable chocolates MRBeast Bar from-

1. Feastable Official Website

Stock Update- In Stock

Mr. Beast Bar Chocolates are up for grabs!! You can buy these chocolates directly from their official online site- FEASTABLES. Though there you can only order packs of 10 bars.

On the Feastable Site, MrBeast Bars are available in 3 different flavors and 2 different packing styles.

Where To Buy MrBeast Chocolate Bar Feastables
  • Individual Chocolate Packings | Box of 10 Bar
Mr. Beast Bar FlavorsQuantityCost Price 
Original Chocolate10 Bar$29.99
Almond Chocolate10 Bar$29.99
Quinoa Crunch Chocolate10 Bar$29.99
  • The Bundle Packaging
PackQuantityCost Price
Variety Pack18 Bars ( 6 of each flavor )$49.99
Ultimate Beast Bar Bundle30 bars (10 of each flavor)$88

PS- There is a limit of buying 21 packs and one beast bundle per customer.

However, unfortunately, according to the website, it ships only within the US at this moment. Therefore you can’t order and buy MrBeast Bar Chocolates from the Feastable site if you are living outside the US. But soon, it will extend to other counties as well. Till then go for other options.

2. Walmart

Stock Update- In Stock

Where To Buy MrBeast Chocolate Bar Feastables

If you are looking for an individual Feastable Chocolate bar, then you can also directly buy Mr. Beast Bars from Walmart. These Individual bars are now available at Walmart just for $2.98.

All the Feastable Chocolate MrBeast Bar are available on Walmart online. Some Walmarts in the Us are also selling these chocolates from the store. But for outside US Buyers, can buy MrBeast Chocolate Bars individually from Walmart online.

To see if the Feastable Chocolates are available in particular Walmarts, Find out by searching MrBeast Chocolates Walmart near me.

Also, we would update as soon as there will be information regarding the stocks of MrBeast Feastable Chocolates in Walmart or other stores.

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3. GoPuff

Stock Update- In Stock

Where To Buy MrBeast Chocolate Bar Feastables

Having an instant MrBeast Chocolate Bar craving? No worries, GoPuff will deliver MrBeast Feastable Chocolates just within 30 minutes. Now no more waiting for hours! Just visit GoPuff, enter your location, and buy your Feastables Mr Beast Bar Chocolates. 

They are available in packings of two-

Wrapping Up

Still here!? Why? Stop spending Time and instead spend money on these amazon Feastable Chocolates- MrBeast Bar. From teenagers to adults, everyone is going crazzyyy jumping up with the excitement.

We have given you all the details about how and where you can buy Feastables MrBeast Chocolate Bars? So, Go hurry! And buy your MrBeast Feastable Chocolates. You won’t regret it. You know the drill, the more you buy the more chance of winning the prizes and Golden tickets are.

I hope you got all the information you were looking for. We will update you as soon as we hear anything new. Keep visiting Path Of EX and do share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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