How to Buy Baby Clothes?

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With so many appealing baby clothing brands on the market, it can take some time for you to find the ones that suit your baby and also fit your budget. From choosing the perfect coming-home outfit to stocking your baby’s wardrobe, here are our guidelines for how to buy baby clothing.

Best Tips for Parents When Buying Baby Clothes

Think About The Seasons

When it comes to choosing baby clothes, the weather plays an important role here. For example, if your due date is expected to be in November or December, then it’s better to stick to cozy sweaters and long-sleeve attire for cold days. 

In fact, your baby is more vulnerable to the cold as they are less able to regulate their body temperatures. In this case, baby winter clothes become a necessity to keep them both protected and warm during winter months. Keep in mind that dressing your baby for winter temperatures is more than simply throwing a baby jacket or a cozy coat and expecting it works. 

Always Choose One Size Ahead

Well, babies can grow out of their clothes quickly (like in a matter of a few days or weeks)! Therefore, buying baby clothing in the first few months can be quite tricky. Our advice here is to always choose one size ahead of your baby’s actual age. This will help you avoid spending lots of money to buy new clothes for your child in a short time. 

In fact, most 6-month-old babies can wear clothes at a size of 9–12 months, 1-year-olds can wear the size of a 2-year-old baby, and so on. Besides, people love to give baby clothes to new moms. So, chances are you will have lots of 0-3 month baby clothes sizes. If that is the case, consider getting clothes for infants older than 12 months

 Make the most of discounts

Baby Girl Solid Color Long Sleeve Cardigan

One of the best things about pregnancy is that you have at least 9 months to prepare for your baby’s arrival. And, that means you will probably go through lots of big sales until the due day. Therefore, take advantage of discounts offered by brands or online stores out there.

On top of that, you can check out babyoutlet to explore their huge collections of organic cotton baby boy & girl clothes from 0 month to 24 months at very affordable rates. They also offer free shipping and easy return on all orders. This could be a great option if you are now in the market for cheap and high-quality baby clothes. 

Don’t Forget the “Other” Clothes

Baby Unisex Brown Bear Hoodie With 3D Ears

It’s easy to just stick to cute onesies. However, your baby will need other types of clothing like bodysuits, socks, pants, and more. In fact, it is actually better to go for other clothes before buying baby onesies, since most people will get you onesies as gifts. Also, note that even when your baby is in a onesie, it is still good to put a bottom on for full coverage.

Resist The Temptation!

Polka Dot Solid Baby Sweaters

It can be a struggle not to buy every single cute outfit you see. But, sometimes it’s best to try to hold off a bit, at least for your baby’s first-year budget. Meanwhile, it’s totally fine to shop for your future babies. But, chances are you’re going to get a ton of baby items as gifts from friends and family. So, we suggest you don’t spend a fortune on unnecessary things. 

Type of Baby Clothes you Should Look For

  • No buttons, bows, and ties. Parents should avoid clothes with small buttons, decorative rhinestones, or bows due to choking hazards.
  • Go for machine washables. Buying machine-washable clothes is a great way to avoid wasting your precious time and energy on hand-washing or ironing. On top of that, clothes made from 100% cotton are ideal, since they’re comfortable, durable, and easy to wash as well.
  • Don’t forget burp cloths and bibs. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you go through dirty burp cloths and bibs. So, stocking up on these accessories is vital when shopping for baby clothes.
  • Go for organic materials. For example, baby clothes made from organic cotton are guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is totally safe and won’t irritate your baby sensitive skin.

The Bottom Line

When seeking out the perfect baby clothes, comfort and versatility are the top criteria. As you begin shopping for baby clothing, always remember that your baby is going to grow quicker than you expect. So, get ahead of the game by following our tips and guidelines above. Have fun and enjoy shopping for your little one!

Let us know if you have any questions or baby cloth suggestions in the comments!


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