How To Breed In Palworld & Unique Breeding Combinations (2024)

How To Breed In Palworld | How To Breed Pals In Palworld? Best Tips (2024)

Palworld has so many amazing Pal monsters that you can now breed yourself. All you need to gather the right elements to breed Pals in Palworld. This article on how to breed in Palworld will explain all the important things in this guide.

Palworld is a Pocket Pair production and a survival role-playing video game with unique characters and a survival story. Currently, it has 111 kinds of Pals. While most of them can be caught in the wild, some can be bred only. Here, I will tell you how to breed in Palworld. So, keep reading till the end to get the how to breed in Palworld details. 

Palworld is a virtual world where players can build, farm, and conquer by using their Pals. All Pal creatures have unique abilities and powers. So, if you possess the best team, your win is obvious. You can build your Pal team by using the Pal tier list to get powerful Pals. Now, let’s explore more about how to breed in Palworld in the following sections.

How To Breed In Palworld | How To Breed Pals In Palworld & Requirements

Before processing how to breed in Palworld, you must get the ingredients that are required.

Requirements to Breed In Palworld

  1. A breeding farm
  2. A baked cake
  3. Pair of Pals (one male & one female)  

How to Breed In Palworld

After collecting the requirements mentioned above, follow these steps on how to breed in Palworld to get a new Pal character

  1. Deploy prospect parents, i.e., a male and a female Pal in the base, manually lift them up, and place them into the Breeding Farm. Click on the Breeding Task option.
  2. A gauge will appear on the screen, indicating their mating process. When the gauge is full, the pair will consume a Cake from the box in front of the Breeding Farm. 
  3. Upon completion, an egg will appear in the center of the farm.   
  4. Collect the egg to hatch a new Pal from it.

If you are a newbie and don’t know much about the Palworld game, follow these detailed steps on how to breed in Palworld to get a new Pal.

Step 1: Build A Breeding Farm

First of all, you will need a breeding farm. However, you must complete Level 19 to unlock tech trees to build a breeding farm. Since the farm will be huge, you must clear your base to build it. You can build a breeding farm by using

  • 100 Wood 
  • 20 Stone 
  • 50 Fiber

Step 2: Bake A Cake

Another important ingredient for breeding in Palworld is having baked cakes. After making cakes, place them on the breeding farm for mating. You can bake a cake in Palworld by using the following ingredients:

  • 5 Flour 
  • 8 Red Berries 
  • 7 Milk 
  • 8 Eggs 
  • 2 Honey

Step 3: Place The Pals In The Breeding Farm To Mate

Finally, you will need a male and female of any two Pals into the Breeding Farm to consummate and produce an egg. You will get a similar offspring if you breed the same Pal breed. You will get a different offspring if you breed the two different Pal breeds. 

Unique Palworld Breeding Combinations

When you breed two Pals, they pass on their skills and abilities to their offspring. So, you can breed different Pal breed combinations to get unique Pals. The following table will explain to you how to breed in Palworld to get unique Pals.

Blazehowl NoctBlazehowlFelbat
Broncherry AquaBroncherryFuack
Dinossom LuxDinossomRayhound
Eikthyrdeer TerraEikthyrdeerHangyu
Elphidran AquaElphidranSurfent
Frostallion NoctFrostallionHelzephyr
Gobfin IgnisGobfinRooby
Hangyu CrystHangyuSwee
Incineram NoctIncineramMaraith
Jolthog CrystJolthogPengullet
Kingpaca CrystKingpacaReindrix
Leezpunk IgnisLeezpunkFlambelle
Lyleen NoctLyleenMenasting
Mammorest CrystMammorestWumpo
Mau CrystMauPengullet
Mossanda LuxMossandaGrizzbolt
Pyrin NoctKatressPyrin
Relaxaurus LuxRelaxaurusSparkit
Reptyro CrystFoxcicleReptyro
Robinquill TerraFuddlerRobinquill
Surfent TerraDumudSurfent
Suzaku AquaJormuntideSuzaku
Vanwyrm CrystFoxcicleVanwyrm

Fusion Pals In Palworld Spreadsheet

You can achieve fusion Pals by breeding the following Pals with elemental Pals. The following table mentions all 24 fusion Pals available in the game.

Parent 1Parent 2Fusion Offspring
BroncherryWater PalBroncherry Aqua
DinossumElectric PalDinossum Lux
EikthyrdeerGround PalEikthyrdeer Terra
FrostallionHelzephyrFrostallion Noct (LEGENDARY)
BlazehowlDark PalBlazehowl Noct
HangyuIce PalHangyu Cryst
IncineramDark PalIncineram Noct
JolthogIce PalJolthog Cryst
JormuntideFire PalJormuntide Ignis
KelpseaDark PalKelpsea Ignis
KingpacaIce PalKingpaca Cryst
LeezpunkFire PalLeezpunk Ignis
LyleenDark PalLyleen Noct
MammorestIce PalMammorest Cryst
MauIce PalMau Cryst
MossandaElectric PalMossanda Lux
PyrinDark PalPyrin Noct
RelaxaurusElectric PalRelaxaurus Lux
ReptyroIce PalReptyro Cryst
RobinquillGround PalRobinquill Terra
SurfentGround PalSurfent Terra
SuzakuWater PalSuzaku Aqua
VanwyrmIce PalVanwyrm Cryst
WumpoGrass PalWumpo Botan

Wrapping Up

The article on how to breed in Palworld ends here. You can now breed your favorite Pals to get unique or the same (depending on your Pal combinations) Pals in your team. You can upgrade them by using boosts and powers to create a formidable Pal army. If you have any questions related to how to breed in Palworld, drop a comment below.

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