How to Block Hashtags on TikTok in 6 Easy Steps?

How to Block Hashtags on TikTok?

Tired of the same boring hashtags all over the ‘for you’ page on TikTok? But what if I tell you, now you can easily get rid of it? Yeah, you heard it right. You just have to block the hashtags to disappear it from your TikTok. To know in detail how to block hashtags on TikTok. Keep Scrolling!

Using hashtags to make videos popular is very common on every social media platform but when it becomes the reason for disturbance, we always try to get rid of it. This problem is not only with one but with many TikTok users. So let’s not waste time and see if it is possible to block hashtags on TikTok.

To know how to block hashtags on TikTok thoroughly, you have to go through this article till the end, as I am not spilling the beans here.

How to Block Hashtags on TikTok?

How to Block Hashtags on TikTok?

As of now, there is no way to block the hashtags but yeah there is something that you can try. You can remove the hashtag from your TikTok For You page and once you remove it, you won’t be able to see it again. For this, you just have to follow the below-mentioned steps, and boom you are free with the unwanted hashtags pop up on your screen. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your TikTok Account

Firstly, you have to open your TikTok app and log in to your account on your Android/iOS device by entering your username and password.

Step 2: Search For Video

Now you have two options, whether you search for the video in the search bar or scroll down your FYP until you find that video whose hashtag you want to delete. It depends on which option you choose to find the video.

Step 3: Tap And Hold On Video

Once you find the video, tap and hold on to the video for a while so that a list of options will appear that will make your choices easy.

Step 4: Click ‘Not Interested Option

You will now get a pop-up menu, click on the ‘Not Interested’ option so that TikTok knows your preference and doesn’t disturb your feed with unwanted hashtags videos. After this, you will get a pop-up on your screen ‘We will show fewer videos like this’. Click on ‘Details’ to follow the further process.

Step 5: Select Hashtag

Once you are done with all the formalities, a screen will appear that shows ‘Filter hashtags’. You just have to tap on the hashtag so that TikTok gets notified that you no longer want to see the hashtag and you want to block it from your TikTok ‘For you’ page.

Step 6: Choose Submit

This is the last step to follow. You just have to tap on the ‘Submit’ option to address your grievances and also if you want to filter some keywords then it is not possible at all as certain keywords can’t be filtered. So, keep in mind that you can’t block the hashtag but you can remove it from your For You page.

Wrapping Up

Here we end the article, I hope now you are not getting frustrated with the unnecessary hashtags. As you get to know how to block hashtags on TikTok. So if you see any hashtag that you don’t like, you can remove it from your For You page without getting worried. However, if you still need any assistance, you can revisit the page and we will reach out to you ASAP!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to block hashtags on TikTok?

Ans. Launch TikTok>Scroll down your FYP>Select the video whose hashtag you want to block>Tap and hold on the video>Click ‘Not Interested’>Tap hashtag>Choose Submit.

Q2. What happens if you use too many tags on TikTok?

Ans. Using too many tags on TikTok has a bad effect on your video. As it looks like the video is spam and also the algorithm of TikTok won’t be able to target the right audience for your content. So you should use 2 to 4 hashtags in your video to make it go viral.

Q3. Can you block hashtags on TikTok? 

Ans. You can’t directly block the hashtags on TikTok, but you can either block the account or remove the hashtag from your For You page.

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