How To Become A Receptionist In BitLife | Walkthrough Guide

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Do you know how to become a Receptionist in BitLife? Since the release of the Nine to Five Challenge in BitLife, many gamers have been looking for how to become a Receptionist in BitLife. And that’s what we will be discussing today in this article. So, just head on!

BitLife is a very diverse video game. In this game, you may take on any identity and affect someone else’s life. There are some aspects of the game that, like in real life, are solely reliant on chance. To increase players’ enjoyment, the game’s developers introduce a fresh challenge each week. 

This week, BitLife is all about completing the Nine to Five Challenge. You have to become a receptionist in BitLife to proceed through this challenge. This article is a guide to becoming a receptionist in BitLife. Without further ado, let’s get started with how to become a receptionist in BitLife!

How to Become a Receptionist in BitLife?

The Nine to Five challenge of BitLife claims you to become a Receptionist in its 2nd phase. Below, I have explained all the necessary steps to become a Receptionist in BitLife. Have a look!

Steps to Become a Receptionist in BitLife –

  1. Go to the full-time job list
  2. Look for a receptionist position
  3. Apply to become a Receptionist at BitLife
  4. Answer the interview question
  5. Get the job
  6. After starting work as a receptionist, go to the occupation screen
  7. Click on Co-Workers
  8. If your supervisor is a female, then leave the job and apply for the receptionist position again. Your supervisor has to be a male to proceed forward in the Nine to Five Challenge.

Congrats! You have successfully crossed the second phase of the Nine to Five Challenge, which was to become a Receptionist in BitLife.

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Wrapping Up

Our surfing about how to become a Receptionist in BitLife ends here today. Now, it’s your turn to hit BitLife and accomplish the Nine to Five Challenge. So, make sure to stay tuned to the Path of EX website. In the meantime, help your fellow gamers by sharing this informative article on how to become a Receptionist in BitLife.

Thank you for reading. See you in the next article! Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Highest-Paid Job in BitLife?

Generally speaking, the best BitLife jobs and careers are those that pay the most—so fame-focused roles like Actor or Musician. Neither is particularly easy to get into, though. You’ll need to train for years before you make it in the music industry, and being an actor requires a certain set of skills as well.

2. How Do I Make 1 Billion Dollars in BitLife?

If you want to become a billionaire in BitLife instantly, set your country to Monaco and keep re-rolling until you are born as a member of the royal family. Such characters are expected to have over 50 million dollars at birth, and they become billionaires easily by inheriting the wealth of their parents when they die.


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