How to Beat ‘KASTOR’ The Normal-Sized Skeleton | KILL Kastor in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

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Bon matin wonderlanders!! Before you move on to Tangledrift, there’s one important mission that you need to tackle. Yess..!! I am talking about A small Favor Side Quest. It is an amazing opportunity to gain experience and earn alot of rewards on the way. Except there’s one obstacle in between you. KASTOR! Beating Kastor by killing the Normal Sized Skeleton is your only way out. 

The whole Small Favor mission depends on your battle with the Kastor. Nothing would be accomplished if you fail to beat Kastor, the skeleton. So, what are you waiting for? Put your Gamer mask on and get ready to have the ultimate fight of your lifetime with Kastor. 

Hey, wait? Before you go in to smash the Kastor’s skull. Let’s get to know all the essential information and ways how you can kill Kastor -The Normal Sized Skeleton.

Who is Kastor- The Normal Sized Skeleton?

Kastor is the skeleton monster you encounter on your ongoing side quest A small favor. In order to complete the mission, you have to face Kastor on the battlefield. And only by beating Kastor and killing him, you can successfully accomplish your mission. 

How to Beat 'KASTOR' The Normal-Sized Skeleton | KILL Kastor in Tiny Tina's Wonderland

Therefore it is essential to learn how you can Kill Kastor, the normal-sized skeleton, and be victorious. 

A Small Favor Quest- KASTOR!

Small Favor is one of the interesting sidequests of the game Tiny TIna’s Wonderland. It is unlocked on your way to Tangledrift while completing Walk of the Stalk SideQuest. To complete your A small favor sidequest mission, you face a hurdle, Kastor. Let’s see how you can beat Kastor- the Normal-Sized Skeleton.

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Information about Kastor- The Normal Sized Skeleton

Finding it difficult to Kill Kastor? No worries, Path of EX is here at your rescue. Read about all the important details on Kastor to know his strengths and weakness.

How to Beat 'KASTOR' The Normal-Sized Skeleton | KILL Kastor in Tiny Tina's Wonderland

Deadly attacks:

Kastor has two deadly attacks that you must avoid during the face-off-

  1. Green Skull Fireshorts

A volley of Green Skulls fires short bursts of Fiery attacks that needs to be dodged to beat Kastor.

  1. Blue Ring Sweep

Kastor breathes out a blue ring that sweeps the ground and knocks your character back. Dodge this attack to save your character from being killed by Kastor. 

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How To Dodge Kastor Attacks?

How to Beat 'KASTOR' The Normal-Sized Skeleton | KILL Kastor in Tiny Tina's Wonderland
  1. To dodge Green skull fire shorts and beat Kastor, run to the opposite direction and aim for his head.
  2. To dodge Blue Ring Sweeps, take help of the purple vines hanging on the left side to take Cover. And jump when the ring approaches you.
  3. To dodge Kastor’s Sword attack, step out of the swing’s range or beat Kastor by jumping over it. 
  4. When you see a blue glow on the ground, Kastor might attack you with his casted Spell. Run off to the area that does not have a blue glow/aura to beat Kastor’s Spell attack

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How to Beat/ Kill Kastor?

Killing Kastor is the main aim of the Small Favor SideQuest. Let’s learn how you can finally kill Kastor and beat him at the battle.

1. Kastor’s head is the main point of interest for you. To cause maximum damage, aim for the Kastor’s head and beat him in the battle. 

2. The most important step in beating and killing Kastor is to dodge his deadly attacks and keep attacking him in the intervals. (preferable to his head)

How to Beat 'KASTOR' The Normal-Sized Skeleton | KILL Kastor in Tiny Tina's Wonderland

3. After a while, Kastor’s health will decrease, and Kastor will become invulnerable. At this point, he will begin to draw Purple obs to it. This is your time to take action. Shoot the Purple obs before they reach Kastor. Only then you will have the chance to beat Kastor. 

4. The next step in beating Kastor is by dodging Kastor’s spell attack and blue wave Sweeps. 

5. Kastor becomes invulnerable three times during the battle. After the third invulnerability rotation, you can eliminate it and complete the boss battle to earn your rewards.

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Wohlaa..!! You have finally killed Kastor and have beaten him on his own battleground. Now collect all the rewards and go for the celebration. 

Wrapping Up

These are the things you need to keep in mind while taking on a battle with Kastor-the Normal Sized Skeleton. Take reference of the given steps to kill Kastor and keep in mind all his attacks. You will surely beat Kastor in the first go.

I hope all your doubts regarding how to beat Kastor are resolved. Stay connected to Path of EX for more such insights.


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