How To Avoid Getting Friend-Zoned By A Girl: Basic Ideas

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It’s been very difficult for any boy if a girl friend-zoned them. But did you guys ever think about how to avoid getting friend-zoned by a girl? If yes, then I will make sure that today you will get your answer to this particular question.

It’s a very common saying that a friendzone tag is like Hell for every boy, especially when that girl you like starts behaving like a regular friend in front of you. Most of us know that a girl will never share her feelings straight or directly on the face. She always tries to find a perfect time for every single reaction. 

To avoid getting a friendzone by a girl, you guys can do things like- always show that you have a lot of other options too, make your thoughts clear in front of her, do some mysterious and bold activities, and so on. Every single thing is accurate and these are the simplest way that you guys can apply. 

Remember one thing, boys; every girl is different from another. If one girl is bold and attractive, the other girl is simple and sensitive. At last, you have to decide which method is applicable to which type of girl. 

How to Avoid Getting Friend-Zoned by a Girl? 

What do you do when a girl friendzone you?? I know, man, it hurts when the girl you like the most starts to friendzone you. But, now you can avoid this type of thing very easily by following these simple steps:-

How To Avoid Getting Friend-Zoned By A Girl: Basic Ideas

Make your Thoughts Clear and Reaction Converted

Always remember to convert your reaction in every moment. Make your conversation significantly less and to the point. This will make her feel irritated and she says- what the Hell is happening? Make your availability less in front of her whenever she needs help or something else. And this idea will work for you. Make sure whenever you meet her, keep your side clear and to the point. Always express your feelings so that she feels connected with you. Your action is the main role to identify her thoughts as what she thinks about you and what she feels.

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Develop Chemistry

Get too close with a girl so that she desires you every single time. Make sexual chemistry with her, so that she gets interested in you. Keep yourself very much interested in her and show how much you care for them, how much you enjoy their company, and how much you feel great whenever you touch her.

(Note:- Never do anything that will affect your relationship in the future)

How To Avoid Getting Friend-Zoned By A Girl: Basic Ideas

Make a strong bond having best personality

Always be a friend without declaring and act like a normal and sweet guy. Keep talking to her whenever she’s alone and needs someone’s help very badly. In fact, the compliment is the main key for you to get a successful relationship with her. So, do compliment her with excellent and sweet words. 

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Be comfortable and confident

Hug her, touch her, and always treat her like your best friend or girlfriend. This will make her feel so special and she gets attached to it. Make yourself very much comfortable in front of her and do some exclusive and interesting things too. Also, you can ask her out for coffee or lunch and then suddenly change the topic before she answers you. LOL!!!!! 

(Note:- Remember to be confident and comfortable in front of her. Never get nervous while talking to her.)

Show Some Mysterious Quality

Every girl shows maximum interest to those guys who have mysterious and bold qualities. So be bold and do some mysterious activities in front of her. Another key that you boys can use for the fact that how to avoid getting friend-zoned by a girl is Jealousy. Well, the reason is every single girl feels jealous whenever her best friend or simple friend comes close to another girl. In short, show her that many girls want to be with you and make themselves unromantic in front of her. 

How To Avoid Getting Friend-Zoned By A Girl: Basic Ideas

Be Thoughtful and Less Needy

If she is ready to share her thoughts and feelings, then you can make a move towards her. And if she is not comfortable with you in any way, then give her some space to understand the whole scenario. Don’t get too needy in front of her. Keep waiting for her reaction towards your thoughts and activities. 

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Plan a Date but Never Act Like a Boyfriend

When you think it’s the right time to take her on a date, just ask her and make a simple gesture too. Never pretend to be her boyfriend as this will make things worse and you will never get any other chance to be with her. This is the best way for how to avoid getting friend-zoned by a girl.

How To Avoid Getting Friend-Zoned By A Girl: Basic Ideas

Don’t Be a Nice but Be Bold

Stop being a nice guy or a cute best friend for her. Show your real phase and then react as per your comfort level. Make yourself very much adaptive to her behavior. Touch her, kiss her on the forehead, and hug her. These things make a girl more pleased with you. 

Want to know more tips to avoid getting a to friendzone by any girl, then go check out this YouTube video. This will help you to understand very easily and patiently. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of friend zone?

Some basic signs of friend zone are as follows:-
1. She always takes your advice as a normal friend.
2. She is happy for your daily routine.
3. When she feel bored she invites the whole friends group at her home including you.
4. She talk’s less about your interest and tell you about her feelings for other guys, and so on…

Is the friend zone permanent?

Whenever a girl said that she and you are just friends nothing else, then dude be prepared to impress her. Otherwise that friend zone is the last thing that you heard from her side.

Is being in the friend zone a good thing?

Not for everyone, but yes most of the boys don’t want to be just friends. But trust me guys, Friend zone is not a bad option. It depends how she treats you.

Final Verdict

Alright, boys!!!! I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and come to know a lot of things too. Keep yourself straightforward and never change your personality for anyone. As these ideas/advice are specially taken out for the topic on how to avoid getting friend-zoned by a girl. So chill……

Do share your views with me in the comment box. 


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