How To Attend CES 2024? – Road To Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2024; How To Attend CES

CES 2024 is a name that cannot be missed if you are into innovations even a little bit. It is one of the coolest annual events, just like Comic-Con, for tech lovers. CES has a very exclusive guest list, which is hard to get in. Believe it or not, CES, a.k.a Consumer Electronics Show, is a whole lot cooler than how the name sounds. How to attend CES is also a very exclusive secret in itself. Worry not, though. I will fill you in on this secret through this article.

Consumer Electronics Show has been going on since 1967, which is an incredibly great achievement in itself. The first time it was held in New York City and was a huge success, even at a time when technology was just a minor thing. So imagine the craze now when the whole world has been digitalized. I can bet if Nikola Tesla was alive when the show aired, he would have been the brand ambassador. That’s how cool this event is.

In this article, I have mentioned a number of ways that can make your road to the Consumer Electronics Show much easier. So read till the end to find out how to attend CES 2024 and when and where it will be organized.

How To Attend CES 2024 – 3 Easy Ways

CES event; How To Attend CES

Now that you know when and where you need to be for CES 2024, read below to know 3 ways that will help you get in CES 2024:

1. From CES Website

The first answer on how to attend CES 2024 is, of course, through the official website of CES. You will need to visit the registration page on the CES website. There, you will find two types of passes, namely, Exhibits-Plus Pass and Delux Conference Pass. You can buy whichever one suits you. But you will need to make sure that you are eligible for that specific pass. You will find the whole eligibility criteria in the pass itself.

2. Get Into The Industry

CES tech; How To Attend CES

There are people over the internet who advise that one should have a blog or website related to the industry. It is not as easy as the first way, but still not even too hard to do. There must be people who have made websites and blogs on tech just to pursue their dream of witnessing CES. So, if you have the same amount of passion, you can also genuinely become a part of the industry.

3. Third-party Apps

Now, this is not a guaranteed way how to attend the CES 2024 event. But still, it should not be missed. We all are well aware of the fact that everything is available online nowadays. Especially apps like Craigslist or eBay have almost anything that you would want. So, this is the third solution to how to attend CES this year. But everybody knows that these platforms are catfish ponds sometimes. So be very careful, as you might be stepping into a scam through these apps.

CES 2024 – When And Where To Attend?

CES; How To Attend CES

Consumer Electronics Show 2024 is planned to be held in Las Vegas. This show has been consistent since 1967 and has never been canceled. Except, of course, in the time of pandemic. In 2021, the event was brought back in digital form as it was held online. In 2022, it came back to in-person status. So, you can start booking your tickets as there is a guarantee that it will be well organized for CES 2024.

CES 2024 will be held from 9 January to 12 January. On 7 and 8 January, Consumer Electronic Show has planned to arrange media events that will exclusively be held for the press.

Can Anyone Attend CES?

CES Lobby; How To Attend CES

No, there are some eligibility requirements to register for CES. The CES is a trade-only event for people who are 18 years of age or above. It also requires you to be in connection with the technology industry. There are basically three categories for attendees to be eligible. These categories are as follows:

1. Industry Attendee

This is a term used to define a person who is officially a big piece of the technology industry. A big piece here refers to any tech company executives, bloggers, reviewers, and generally anyone who is known in the tech industry or anyone who works in such a company. 

2. Press Representative

CES logo; How To Attend CES

Press representatives are the news channels and other media marketers who have good knowledge and interest in technology. This includes everybody from news to bloggers who are renowned tech enthusiasts.

3. Exhibitor

Lastly, people who will be at the CES event to show their innovations are referred to as exhibitors. Family or friends who are not over 18 years of age are not allowed even to exhibitors. But they can bring their teams or friends who are over 18.

Wrapping Up

Consumer Electronics Show 2024 is not something to miss. Even though you learned how to attend CES 2024, CES is still an event that is hard to approach. Since 2023, the world has moved a lot towards AI, which is one thing bugging me. I can imagine the AI hype this event will be having. As an AI enthusiast, I have decided to track every piece of information I get about this show because I would hate to miss out on the latest AI innovations that exhibitors will showcase here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What CES 2024?

CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, is a tech-based event that is held every year, once a year. In this event, tech product exhibitors showcase their latest innovations.

Q2. When Is CES 2024?

CES 2024 will be held from 9 January to 12 January.

Q3. Who Can Attend CES 2024?

Nobody under the age of 18 or who is not in the tech industry is definitely not allowed in CES. Plus, the attendee has to further fulfill some requirements that they will see while buying the pass.

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